Miss Seagull

Finally here’s a new character I’ve been working on this weekend!

I worked a bit more on the hair and tried more of a sketchy look for her!
As always I modeled it in Blender and except for the hair, sculpted completely with Dyntopo and painted vertex colors afterwards :wink:

Based on a sketch by Mario Manzanares -> https://www.artstation.com/artist/mariomanzanares
I really like his illustrations and characters and he’s a great 3D artist as well! Go check out his work! :smiley: (y)

Also here’s a viewport screenshot :wink:

I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think and critique is very welcome :slight_smile:


I love the styling! Beautiful work

Great one Julien :smiley:

Good job! i like your style…

Really nice, well done :wink:

Well done, full of intriguing character traits, subtly displayed. I really am fond of that kind of look askance.

Love this piece. Great style!

I looked at the reference, and I love that you took creative liberty with it. It turned out great. Personally, I prefer the concept you got off it.

Congrats, 5*

Fantastic sculpting and rendered output.
I Loooove it!

Beautiful and great work !

Excellent work and style

Really great !

Thank you guys! I’m happy that you like it :smiley:
I’ll post some WIP pictures soon :wink:

Here’s a little breakdown of the render!

So once I had the model finished and painted the vertex colors, I began setting up lights and giving my meshes a diffuse & glossy plastic-like material. Then when I was happy with the render I exported these individual passes and put them back together in Photoshop to have more control over the style and contrast of the shading, without waiting for the image to render each time :slight_smile:

Here are the steps of how I made the final image in Photoshop:

I’ll also post some more screenshots of the model itself later :wink:
I hope you like this and/or find it helpful!

Your breakdown is hugely insightful Julien, always interesting to see peoples methods and processes. Especially processes that result in such a stylized output

Thanks kaptainkernals!
Also here are the promised screenshots:

And if anyone still want to find out more about my artwork and workflow then here’s a link a little Q&A I did on BlenderNation:

Again thank you all for your feedback!

she is all too perfect! Stylized characters is something I don’t have a clue about. I can’t even imagine how you do it. Love it!

great work, nice style!


A ma zing!

She’s beautiful! How you did the hair?

Great work, 5*

Thank you guys for all the 5 stars ratings! And I just noticed that it’s now featured on blenderartists! WOW :smiley:

I got really inspired by the sculpting of hair by James W. Cain & Vimal Kerketta! I watched some of their timelapses and tutorials and tried it out myself. They offer some great tips and techniques :wink: