Mix familial & workshop house


Here is a revisited project of a build mixing a workshop and a familial house.
This was a nice lighting exercise especially for indoor scenes.
The main deal was to render the outdoor view with the internal furniture and to make all that fitting into the 3gb video memory, I had to export a lowres version of the furniture for outdoor renderings.

Except the cars (Downloaded from archidom.net/ArchiDOM but duno the authors, anyway thanks to them) and the fabrics modeled with Marvelous Designer everything was modeled using Blender.

Everything was rendered with Octane standalone.

All the trees and vegetation are geometry, no back plane used, instance scatters are very welcome here :wink:

I used AO mode 3, AO mode 4 and pathtracing but can’t point what has been rendered with what. Anyway as often I rendered two images (Sun and HDR) and mixed them.

The rendering time on two GTX580 varies from 30 min (mainly for outdoor) to 2h (for indoor) depending on the render kernel used.

I used mesh emiters in front of the windows (inside) to increase the light inside the building, portals don’t bring enough light.

Postprocessing to improve lighting and contrasts as well as the tone mapping done with Photoshop and Gimp.


Beautifull renders. Love thd close ups. Did you make all the plants in Blender as well? Amazing! 5 *
cheers, paulina.

Hmm i dont buy it , renders are terrific , just awesome , but the bed in the bedroom and the blanket(specially) are not modeled in blender…

prove me wrong ! please.

Thanks for viewing and commenting,

@AniMeAniBe:Yep, plants are made with Blender and more precisely with a home made script used under blender 2.49

@niebieski: Oups, totaly forgot this, indeed the fabrics are made with Marvelous Designer, I fixed the post :wink:

Awesome, very inspirational :slight_smile:

Wow…Stunning!!! 5 stars from me

this is simply amazing, I think that your projects are on the top of the most realistic archtetural works on the internet, I have to say that I never saw sutch a realism like yours, and the great taste with the camera angles, congratulations, I wish I could get as half as good as you are right now!

archviz with heart.the renders,esp. interiors bring out the “home” feel very well.any tips or tutorial abt. making trees would be very welcome.

I’m impressed!

Absolutely stunning renders, really some of the best ArchViz I have seen here.

Only downside is that I am getting kinda fed up with these “floating” container designs that seem to be all-over the modern archviz scene.

Beautiful light and garden. Very nice furniture too.


Man you lucky dog, you still have a version of the trees from curves script? I always thought that was some of the best tree creation software. It always looked so organic and much more realistic than sapling. And if I recall it even uv mapped the tree trunk nicely. I which they would revive that addon for blender again:)

As always some of the best archviz on the internet in my opinion:) Very art full. Your stuff always reminds me of the Third & the Seventh:P

you are artits :slight_smile:
great work

Stunning renders…
Octane is amazing indeed.
You are amazing too. I love admiring your work from time to time. Its a pain though cause you work on such a huge project dimensions that you post very rarely. Anyhow.. when you post something, its always great. :slight_smile:
Cheers man!

Teach me, master!

WOW! that’s just amazing! top notch indeed. Good work :slight_smile: You inspire me… Just wondering tho, is there something off about the picture of rocks above the bed? Like the lower right corner area. Maybe its just me.

Great works, lighting is impressive (and the rest too :)) congrats


I think what your seeing is the reflection of the window that’s off camera. At first I thought it was some sort of artifact but upon closer examination, I’m positive its just a reflection ;).

Beautiful renders. Your work is an inspiration to the 3d art community. Any chance you could share your computer specs? I’d like to know so that when I get my new computer It can handle this type of scene(not that Ill be able to get anywhere near your quality renders :p…) Also how long have you been doing 3d ArchViz?

Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future :smiley:

Beautifull as ever enricoceric! King of Octane Render engine.

Really awesome stuff, looks pretty much photo-real! Any chance we could take a peak at some wires?