Modeling CLoth

The modeling cloth addon is available. It’s very experimental but it’s a lot of fun to play with.
I made a demo video of the current feature set.

You can download the zip to install as an addon with this link:

Here is the github site:


That works very good. Thanks for the nice addon. If it was able to collide to other objects it would be the ultimate free addon to make clothes.

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(heavy breathing)

Does’nt install on osx Richard.

Looks great nevertheless!

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Sooo coooooool

Os X please!

grep -in dll
52:from ctypes import windll, Structure, c_ulong, byref
62: windll.user32.GetCursorPos(byref(pt))
841: user32 = windll.user32
997: user32 = windll.user32

Os X doesn’t like that…

awsome man

Amazing. Too bad I can not prove it now. Thanks for the contribution, I’ll play with it later.

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Just perfect script - first great step to make Blender cloths usable for something more than a 3D pillow or 3d towel. It can be really great - but this guy need our help - let’s donate him (i made it) and give him some feedback about workflow and some new features which we need for cloths, sofas, wardrobe stuff, shoes and other 3d models:)
Thank You Richcolburn for release that stuff :slight_smile: We are waiting for more!

I’m trying to use a script (i’m doing everything like in tutorial from youtube). When i’m turning on a “Modeling Cloth” and than i’m hitting button PLAY, than nothing is happened (even i will increase NOISE parameter). If i will try to use GRAB option, than i get this error:


I solved problem :slight_smile: It was a error in Blender 2.79.1 from githtub version:) I made test in Official 2.79 build from and now it work perfect :slight_smile:

For folks who couldn’t get it to work on Mac. I just updated the code. If a mac user could test it now and let me know that would be great.

First bug which i found - after playing with pins, i’m unable to reset these position. Only cloth is reseting position, pins are stayin in old position.

Next bug in my blnder 2.79 - i can’t use GRAB - every time i click on my cloth mesh - whole mesh is distorted with “MINUS” power. Mesh (the part which i grabbed) is not followin by my mouse, it’s just escaping from my mouse to infinity :frowning:

On Osx it works now Richard.
Thousand thanx !

Soooo coooollll!!!

Yes it works on Os X now!
Man you invented a new way of modeling!
Gonna play with it this wk
Lotsa kudos!

Just a few ideas of things you could make with it. Each of these items took a minute or less to make once I got used to the addon.

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This is wizardry. I hope this blows up and gets into official Blender!

That’s amazing:) Next month i will make next donation :slight_smile:

I’m also getting this error when I try the Grab button using daily build Blender. Everything works with official build though…any idea why this happens?

In my case where GRAB doesn’t work in any case, this is solution - do not touch a dimension of created plane (i’m talking about plane which will be used ins simulation). If you will scale x or y your object, than GRAB feature will be working in “invert mode” or object will dissappear. Physics i see that actually not work yet.