Modeling CLoth

Amazing tool, can it be made multithreaded? Or are there some performance improvements planned?

Bezier curves should be used to create clothing. Their should be a easy way to fill in the inside of the mesh which is not to time consuming. There should be a way to add geometry evenly throughout. There should be a way to preserve the “Outer Edge” vertices distance from each other when in simulation. When the simulation in made in this file what i’m calling the “Outer Edge” is stretching in the simulation. There should be a way to shrink the waist band built in, really any thing that creates an opening in real time waist band an joint area around ankle/ wrist. Though i think my problem might just be measurement i don’t have a way to measure the size if i had something like that my problems might go away.Test.blend (3.6 MB)

I’ve got some things in the works to improve performance. I’m thinking about adding a bunch of tools and features and making a sort of pro version. It depends on if there is enough interest in the idea.


Usually I am willing to pay for addons around 15 Dollar and start to get hesitant when it’s more expensive. I buy maybe 2 times a month an addon.
Performance improvement and collision is great.

Well 2.8 has improved cloth simulation, but there is no realtime interaction so I think if you can make your addon better and faster, it could be very well worth some $$

This is a old video, but i’m curious if you’ve seen it. Link at the bottom If you have you think something like this could be built in to your add. Maybe it could use generated texture instead of geometry.

There is interest, especially if you plan to keep development up to and above 2.8. Love the addon, thanks for making it.

there will surely be interest.
Right now there is really no competition to using marvelous designer in terms of modelling
something more complicated with cloth - and the inflate option in your addon is great
It has a similar feel like marvelous but still lacking in performance/stability
and some more intuitive workflow improvements
but this is a great start.

I am right now making a series of tuts on interior archviz and I’m planning to mention our addon in the nex part regarding the bed and modeling fabrict for it.

Keep up the good work, there’s a lot of potential in it

Jarek D(DJ)

hi rich

ı have blender 2.79 i installed your model cloth addon but there is diffrent interface (sample no play button) and dosent open simulation view i ask your help

thanks Abdurrahman

The “play” button was replaced with “Continuous Update” which makes it run all the time and “Animation Update” which only runs when blender’s animation is running.
I’m not sure what you mean by “simulation View”

Cloth simulations are usually time consuming in many cases. Even in marvelous you have to bake some objects to get a base and then resim the “above” and then sculpt some more to get the desired look.
Approaching cloth as a deform or a “ripple” movement would propably cover many cases needed since cloth behavior (solution) is not fixed.
Anyway i cant wait to see this addon evolve and i know a lot of people would be interested in this approach.

So is this project still Alive?

Hey SPYNeox
The project is in transition.
I was working heavily on it for a time. My job situation just changed.
We also have 2.8 coming out. Last I checked some of the python API was missing from 2.8 so modeling cloth won’t quite work.
I’m starting to pick things up again so I will try to keep the thread updated.
Thanks for your patience!


Ah nice lol

I was just wondering because I was having issues trying to get Blender Cloth Sim to behave and just gave up, used your addon and got what I wanted by pulling on it lol

But yea nice to hear its still alive and that you’re fine.

Just checked in on the blender 2.8 API
Looks like the missing functions have been replaced.
I’m planning to start porting Modeling cloth to 2.8
I’ll keep everyone posted.


Good to know the update to 2.8 is in progress, some new? :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if this addon will tackle some features that 2.8 ‘cloth simulation’ still lacking? As explained in that minute

@Richcolburn Maybe you can work with this guy hes got a working model. " " its not as fast as your, and its missing the realtime tug/edit ability. But, its looking really good.

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any update ! ?

I did have it working in 2.8 then something happened in the latest build. I think it’s a bug. There are still a few bugs I’m chasing down.
I also need to do some cleanup. I have a bunch of extra systems within the cloth that make it take a long time to build the data before it starts running.
The main reason I haven’t moved forward much is all the paid projects I’ve been focusing on. There are some potential backers to the cloth simulation that might change that.