Modeling CLoth


(lacilaci86) #142

Amazing tool, can it be made multithreaded? Or are there some performance improvements planned?

(eternalcha0) #143

Bezier curves should be used to create clothing. Their should be a easy way to fill in the inside of the mesh which is not to time consuming. There should be a way to add geometry evenly throughout. There should be a way to preserve the “Outer Edge” vertices distance from each other when in simulation. When the simulation in made in this file what i’m calling the “Outer Edge” is stretching in the simulation. There should be a way to shrink the waist band built in, really any thing that creates an opening in real time waist band an joint area around ankle/ wrist. Though i think my problem might just be measurement i don’t have a way to measure the size if i had something like that my problems might go away.Test.blend (3.6 MB)

(Richcolburn) #144

I’ve got some things in the works to improve performance. I’m thinking about adding a bunch of tools and features and making a sort of pro version. It depends on if there is enough interest in the idea.

(Peetie) #145

Usually I am willing to pay for addons around 15 Dollar and start to get hesitant when it’s more expensive. I buy maybe 2 times a month an addon.
Performance improvement and collision is great.

(lacilaci86) #146

Well 2.8 has improved cloth simulation, but there is no realtime interaction so I think if you can make your addon better and faster, it could be very well worth some $$