Modeling of cloth problem

I have really bad time trying to make bed more realistic,

so it can looks like that ( at least close ) . How to do it?

Note, im no expert in the fields of simulation, but i dont think blender is a very strong tool for this. Honestly i think you would need addons, or other software to achieve that level of detail.

Maybe try using displacement/normal maps? Or sculpt the more fine wrinkles? Or a combination of the two?

Use filmic blender, sun, plus an HDRI :slight_smile:

i think hes talking about the model, not the lighting

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I believe, in order to achieve, realistic 3D. One should cover all aspect. In my view that bed is already it, but the room have no lighting entrance. But he said modelling didn’t he? Lol my badd <- Not a crazy person

Try with Modeling CLoth