Modeling women see through lingeries


I was just wondering how in practise you would model something like this ?

as you see on the breast area the string I think is too thin to be modeled so is there like a photo of the lingerie on the breast part that is then somehow alpha channeled so the red part is only left making it see through ?

Etc. Lots out there if you do a quick Google :slight_smile:

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thanks! I did quick search on here and the reply box didn’t show that topic you gave here so thanks :slight_smile:
Yes the fabric blend file was exactly like I thought it would be done so a photo with the black part hidden and made it look transparent. Since the topic of from 9 years ago do you know if it’s possible to do lacing in blender in these days since it’s quite more powerful than it was 9 years ago ?

I also assume that when using picture lacing I need to use 2 materials, one for photo lacing and other to the solid fabric part am I right ?

You would have one material for the Body, and one for the Lace…
and as to your question…

The way it is done is still basically the same, just the tools have become better…

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I see you used image texture, but I ment modeling the whole lacing so there’s no pictures used ?

You would need to learn all the nodes and how to use them but YES, there are many possibilities to produce " Procedural" lace right in Blender…though it will be hard to get some sort of Floral Lace, simple geometric is very possible…You might need to grab some free node groups that can add pre-figured textures and adapt them to a lace…

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This is one specific case where using transparent textures will serve you much better than doing procedural texturing- the amount of nodes you’d need to generate floral lace like this would number in the thousands, it’s highly unlikely you’d even be able to complete the node tree before your computer crashed, and you’ll definitely have to give up on real-time or anything better than <1 FPS. Proceduralism is quite resource intensive

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I don’t understand why you speak of node groups since modeling the patterns out of mesh is the thing and it doesn’t need alpha channel since it’s just mesh.

Because that is what you asked for and so we gave an answer that fits your request…

Now you want to reverse that …

to something completely different…

Then you need to look at “grease pencil to mesh…”
Or SVG to Grease Pencil … either way would get the pattern for the mesh, but it will be a bit of a mess and difficult to clean up…and the lines that you convert to mesh will be limited in their size or smoothness ( that just means WAY MORE WORK to get a clean mesh)…

oh and you still need to texture it…
or if you use Geometry Nodes…then …oops ALL NODES!

So you need to decide what way you actually want to work this and stick to it…
Good Luck, and Happy Blending!

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To add to what has been said- your example isn’t real geometry, and you shouldn’t use real modeled geometry either, because doing this with real geometry would be patently insane.

You’d need millions if not billions of faces, deformation would be so laggy that you wouldn’t be able to use the viewport at all. With a textured plane, you can subdivide it 2 or three times and get all this detail for the low cost of like 20 faces.

Don’t waste your time trying to model lace by hand - seriously, don’t. Watch a video of people making lace by hand if you really want to see what kind of a Herculean task you’d be in for. I’ve watched people make lace. It takes hundreds of hours. Doing it in 3D would take even longer. Save yourself some trouble and use textures for this. 30 seconds vs 100 hours, seems simple to me.

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I thought that we have conversation here why I can’t ask questions and other options as well ?
I propably use the first method since it should be the easiest, but out of curiosity I asked about modeling

It’s all good, but your statement was confusing…when you suddenly turned it around and were implying you wanted Mesh instead of Texture all along…

see what I mean…
try to be a bit careful in wording so as to not confuse the issue, and if you are curious about something else that is just fine…no problem…but maybe something like…

What about modeling the lace in a mesh is there any way you can do that, to avoid the alpha textures...

Get what I mean? We are more than happy to discuss any and all things…but we tend to stick to the original question, and can get thrown off by a sudden reversal in that question…


aah yes yes.
well I ment that when modeling something there isn’t that much nodes needed like in the case of using alpha channel and photos. This I know since after modeling I could just add fabric texture on top of the garment either on both the breast part and the body part separately or same for texture for both. Then again since the details on the model would be very high I propably would nee to bake the mesh into texture so then I would be back in my first question and this is why I asked it :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can freely find good looking lacing since everyhting in these days are in behind paywalls and just for principle I don’t care to pay like 20 bucks for a photo, but I haven’t looked that much yet so.

I hyave searched but have’t yet found any decent lace photos that are 100% free to use and with black background so it can be made see through anybody have any links to shops that sell lace textures at least 2K resolution with black back ground and not askin too much for them ?

would be nice to have normal and other maps as well with the texture map

thanks has a fabric section with lace

I checked out the lace section and the laces don’t have the patterns that are in women lingeries so that would no go since that is a must have in laces.

There’s only so much you can get for free :wink:

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I’m willing to pay just give me the links if you have some :slight_smile:

It’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for- “women’s lingerie” is a very broad term and there’s many different kinds of lace that are used there. An example of what you want would help the search.

I mean women lingerie it’s not broad term to make see through bras and underwear and stockings these are lingerie clothes.

here’s a site for women lingerie I hope I don’t get banned now

That kind of stuff :slight_smile:
The first artisan link is looking promising I propably buy that since it’s 4 euros for multiple materials!
second one yeah not a lingerie, but more like a blouse though looking good too :slight_smile: