Modern Fashion Girl

Images are actually larger.

Hi there!
A little project I’ve been working on.
You can follow the progres in this WIP Thread:

Artstation Link:

The model is based on concept by Philip Karlov:

Thank you for attention.


I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Great model and topology.
Title could have been “Fornite Girl” instead :joy:

Masterpeace… :+1:

Congrats! Love that very clean shiny look.

Thanks, guys!

Wow this looks so cool :heart_eyes:

Thanks @Anorea!

Wow! Cool! Bad girl!))

Wow! This is great!! love the color combinations! and how you made the 3D version. Congrats!

amazing model! there is one thing that makes me think though … I’ve been told a lot that having quads where there is a deformation in movement is an absolute must, yet your model has tris around the mouth area, on the jacket’s sleeves … but the model’s poses look fine? so, what is your experience with working with tris? You don’t seem to mind including them in your topology while other artists do everything to avoid it, haha

Thanks, guys!
Quads are two triangles at disguise. For low poly meshes you can use triangles as long as the main quad flow works for animation purposes.
For high poly meshes it’s a bit different story, because when you are subdividing, triangles causes unnecessary poles that could break the deformation while animating.

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Love the aesthetic! Love the tricked out ghetto blaster! The whole thing just totally fits a motif and look. kinda preppy punk? lol!
Just got one comment on the technical aspect. The last shot (pun intended) has a muzzle flash coming out of the suppressor. How a Suppressor operates is to capture the expanding blast and basically hold on to it as long as possible and as slow as possible to relieve the pressure. Which basically means it has zero to very near zero flame coming out of the end. Did a quick search and found a video of some dude shooting his at night.
He actually starts shooting and not yapping at 1:25

Anyways. I really like it!

Wow, stunning work Arturs! It looks incredibly clean and on point! :clap:

Thanks @ericthered . I didn’t know that! :slight_smile:

@Merilwen thanks! Glad you like it :wink:

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Such a great modern fashion girl. You provided so good images. I really like these images. Thanks for sharing