Modo-Me, Modo like action centers in Blender, Smart Action Centers and Axis Management


V1.52 is up with


  • [NEW] Placing the action center to the sides of the object’s bounding box.
  • [NEW] Enable disable the header menu drop down via preferences (@Pinhead) .
  • [FIX] Better Pivot mode handling in Edit mode.
  • [TESTING] Blender 2.81 Nightly compatibility.
  • [! IMPORTANT !] The operator name has changed. Please see the screenshot for the release for the new settings to invoke.

Please see the first post for the new images and demos. Do not forget to change to the new keymap!


It is possible to set Action Center to 'Selected" edge. Go to eobject mode and when using 'Move" move objectg along this selected edge?


That should be possible to do it they way you are looking for if I understood it properly , it is just that the user has to have an edge selected already. I am adding this to my todo. I can try to make it fancier later.

For me and im sure for many other this feature will be very usefull

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Here is a new feature in the upcoming version, the component mode which is based on Pinhead’s request.

You can transform the object based on the active components averaged normals/positions from the Edit mode.

Naturally to proove that it is not a pipe dream, see the vide below.


There is a new version with the component mode. See the video below.


  • [NEW] Component mode lets you set custom axis and center based on the selected faces/edges/vertices. It will toggle back to the Object.

  • [NEW] Predefined shortcurt for alt-W


I want to thank you for this add-on, It very helps for people to migrate from modo.

For the best usability I can recommend for you some improvements:

  1. Add “None” - that disable action center, because it always try to activate gizmo on select something.
  2. Add check box on what AC is selected (as in modo, if it posible)
  3. I don’t know how the others, but the most frequently used by me is “Element” and “Local” and the same with additional option Auto Axis. May be you can add this as on my screen or add check box some where on the bottom that turn on/off Auto Axis option.
  4. And one more thing that can improve usability is add selection of frequently used action centers in Add-on preferences. Like this:


There are certain workflow differences between Modo and Blender so some stuff cant be translated one to one. I think None is around that area. You can select the Element Edit at the bottom to turn the item click select mode for now which disables the Gizmo.

I will take a look at the other suggestion and see if I can add them later. They sound doable but I need to see how much work they do require.

Btw you can use shortcuts access when the menu is up, see the letters with underscores.



I am refactoring the menu with couple of new functionalities. I am taking the path I used with my Originie add-on with the menu system which is (pie menu + menu)/2

The reason why I am not making it a regular pie menu is that the pie menu in Blender as is has a 8 items limitations, so that is not going to work for this add-on.

Would you prefer the main menu on the right side or the left side? See the image.

“Gizmo Always Enabled” weird behavior. Affect globally?

  1. After launch a blender it’s all ok with gizmos (did not use any Action Centers)
  2. Then use AC without activate “Gizmo Always Enabled”. Seems all ok too.
  3. But when I activate “Gizmo Always Enabled” and after I use “Element Edit” all gizmos disappear globally.
    Then I activate AC again and they show up, but after this when I select anything it show Transform gizmo.
  4. Next I tried to disable “Gizmo Always Enabled” and use “Element AC”, gizmos are still visible
    but after using “Element Edit” it all disappear globally again and this time to enable blender gizmos I need to activate “Gizmo Always Enabled” and use some AC. And that brings us back to point 3.
  5. Even if I disable addon, it still use last selected AC settings and Transform Orientations not affected gizmo until restart program.

What’s my point in this situation:

  1. Element Edit and Element Edit Falloff need to remove because it confusing users (me for sure).
  2. If “Gizmo Always Enabled” is active and you select something, then click on some AC, the gismo should appear, but not before activation.
  3. If “Gizmo Always Enabled” is not active and you select something, then click on some AC, the gismo not appear, but you can use blender bar gizmos to manipulate.
  4. Need some button that resets gizmo to the state how it look when you just launch the blender.

I know it’s very difficult to code and can be a little annoying when someone says something needs to be changed, but all this for best usability and more intuitive use.


Gizmo stuff went through multiple iterations with the 2.80 development, I added that sometime during the 2.80 beta I believe, so I implemented that in that way to make sure the gizmo was really disabled.

In any case I have been working on making it the right way actually, as you can see in my previous post (the one before yours) there is an actual gizmo toggle.



I just released a new beta version of 1.54. It is available on Gumroad and Blendermarket. This version is the first step organizing the menu and tightening the usage issues. I am hoping to move forward with making some of the operations more intuitive.


  • [NEW] New menu order based on pie menu structure
  • [NEW] Dedicated transform Gizmo toggling


I am also offering %50 discount for Modo-Me and Originie to first 8 Blenderheads who contact me. Just message me privately. I will send you the discount codes. This offer is only available on Gumrod.


I also saw an issue or was confusing to
Me as well. When enabling or using a modoMe option , and then I couldn’t use the default gizmo again or not in the way I’m used to. It stopped responding to changing transform types such as global or normal / etc. Sounds like maybe this update solves that? :thinking:

I never had that issue to be honest but I had other issues around Gizmo. That does not sound like a Gizmo enable disable issue. Can you make sure these are enabled if you have the issue with the current version.?


I changed the way gizmo is toggled in the new version. Can you try it please?

There are couple places that gizmo is handled in Blender so it is a bit of confusing still.

Hi, do you think you can add …move in 2 axis based on the viewport position…just like in modo.

Would be good if we could assign shortcuts to the Action Centers, it is faster than using the pie menu.

Another idea would be having the 3D cursor constantly changing position following the elements that are selected. Just like the gizmo. Do you think it’s possible? So in this way people that don’t want to use the gizmo have a visual reference of what is happening with the Action Centers.

Thank you

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Hi, do you think you can add …move in 2 axis based on the viewport position…just like in modo.

Did you try the screen mode?

Would be good if we could assign shortcuts to the Action Centers, it is faster than using the pie menu.

All those functions should be keyable. I will try to write a how to at some point.

Another idea would be having the 3D cursor constantly changing position following the elements that are selected. Just like the gizmo. Do you think it’s possible?

It might be possible, depends on the performance hit. I will take a look at it. I am also thinking to implement a custom gizmo for these tools.

He wants to move in world space along 2 axes, but have those 2 axes determined automatically based on the view orientation.
Definitely doable, I did the same for my align tools, see


I’ve been using this addon for a long time now and find it mandatory.

One thing I’ve always wondered is what the intention of “Automatic” is? I always assumed it would work based on my selection (kinda like it’s automatically changing based on things I select) but it seems to only just follow the cursor.

Yes, that is what I meant. It would be very useful to have that feature somehow. Someone did with the workplane addon but it’s not compatible with the latest version of blender.

Also having a workplane in general would be a good idea. I never used the workplane in modo because modo has a good action center/pivot system but I doubt blender can have that at the moment…so having a workplane would solve the issue of modelling meshes that are at an ange and not aligned to the world axes.

Following the cursor makes sense if you have left click set to positioning the cursor (right click mode) old school way (like being able to change the transform origin with left click in Modo). It is hard to make it consistent since there are both left and right click ways which are fundementally different behaviors in Blender, and some Blender functionality might be crippled depending on your mouse click choice. I designed that portion when Modo-Me worked both in 2.79 and 2.80 Now that 2.79 is out of the picture, I can maybe reconsider other ways and try to adapt to the left and the right click system independently.

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