So I’ve finally decided (after a loooong break) to open up blender again and start a new project.:yes: I’ll try making a monkey character. Tell me how you think I could improve on him.

So far I’ve got the head:

Thank you!

Your monkey is looking impressive. If you don’t mind, I also want to make this type of monky.

Thank you for the reply! Of course I don’t mind you making a monkey as well! Perhaps we will be able to help each other even. :slight_smile:

:eyebrowlift2:knice mon key ,from the front veiw it looks like a donkey :yes: but from side it looks like a monkey :wink: strange lol maybe its a crossbreed monkey lol

reminds me of me! maybe his skin shouldnt be shiny though

hmmm…That probably means that the head is shaped wrong. (The mouth is waaay too wide I just noticed) I’ll play around with it and see if this crossbreed can undergo some plastic surgery. The skin material also needs more work, I was trying to use SSS but couldn’t get the right results. So I just settled for some color bands. Does anybody know how to get nice simple SSS skin? Thanks.

Well I’m making a monkey, even though that doesn’t make me an expert on it I’d just suggest you tell us what type you want, if you want it to be toony like or more realistic. Anyway, the jaw looks a bit too elongated like that of a donkey like someone said earlier. Check out my link and see if it helps you on the jaw.

Hope its useful enough for you to learn from.

BTW, the way you did the hair using textures is great. The other textures are also very realistic. Just keep your eyes on his apetite with jaws like that.:stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need SSS if you’re going to have hair. It’d just suck resources and render times with no visible result.

Also, you need to make the hair MUCH thicker.

OK! Re-shaped mouth, elongated hair thing on top of head, added more hair in general, and worked on skin texture.

I’m going for a semi-realistic monkey. Was a bit inspired by the Peach rodents.:smiley:

I think you should make the mouth (opening) be much smaller. Its too wide and goes all over to the edges. Make it more human like. And the nose can use some flaring up.

I hope this helps

monkey noses slope down to the mouth. Yours looks more like a horse or donkey nose - too rounded and full.

Ok, thank you so much for helping me out here!:slight_smile:
How’s this for smaller mout + flared nostrils?

Much better. I suggest you just push the whole mouth a bit inside the head making it less horse like by shrinking it on the y-axis. Its getting along very well! Also, push the nostrils closer together, there too much on the sides. It makes it look less monkey like.

I hope this helped

Oh! Again, thank you for the hints. Here is the re-shaped mouth:

Any further suggestions? Something’s still bothering me…:confused: can’t tell what though…

The materials could use some work.

Could you possibly be more specific? The skin? Fur? I’m not sure what you mean by that…:rolleyes:

I haven’t been able to devote as much time to this as I would have liked to, but I did get to work on the rest of the body. :wink:
Right now I would like some critique on the chest. (The rest need waaay more modification) Also,(if case you’re wondering) I have a mirror modifier applied, so that’s why there is only fur on one half of the body.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much!

i suggest to make the nostrils closer to each other and the mouth a little bit pointed. that’s the features i noticed in animated primate characters. add to that a slender flexible looking body.

I would push the nostrils in. Puckered out like that looks painful or something. Also, it looks like he has hair in his eyes or growing out of his eyes - painful.

Thank you for the replies!:slight_smile: I will try some of the things you sugguested.

Meanwhile I made the arms+hands:

Credit goes to HoboJoe for the hand. I got it from him.:smiley: