(rombout) #81

Ow sorry, i just got into this and havent really bothered that much with 2.8

(vklidu) #82

… a test of visual hierarchy Default 28 vs Test (theme setup)
The values could be more visible on darker field than panel background (more contrast), but I wanted visually merge field with description, so the observant feels this as one layer.

(Zak Gre) #83

But will be there possibility to use colored icons in 2.8?
It is also my understanding that colored icon allows to find tab quicker. I don’t see much reason to maky everything monochrome. Or at least allow different options in user prefs.

(Bleed Gfx) #84

wow, that gradient shit is some avant garde UI graphics design straight from the future :open_mouth:

(Dorro) #85

You can use a text editor to edit the SVG file directly as it is a human readable format. Find and replace is your friend. You can declare variables and simply change those. Very flexible format. An OpenGL compatible overlay using OpenVG library should be possible…

(vklidu) #86

Do you mean use text editor to change “primary” color in SVG? Thanks for tip, but I don’t want to edit SVG, it was just a note what ability I lost exporting to SVG for others to edit file. My knowledge of inkscape is too low (it would be slow down of my workflow to zero for me :slight_smile: )