Montréal Blender Conference 2k6 - NEED A RIDE? Check Lucidmonkey post p4!

------UPDATE October 5th 2006------
Hi everyone!

This is just to confirm that the conference will take place, as stated in the first place, at the Bois-De-Boulogne school. The computer lab is located in the Ignace-Bourret Pavillon and information how to get to the lab will be on the main door, on the floor, on the walls, on the doors so you’ll be sure to not get lost in the school :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll post more info on this tomorrow, with a map of how to get to the school and all. So stay tuned! And some wanted a confirmation about the “price” of the conference. and as pointed at the beginning, IT IS FREE TO ATTEND. :smiley:

More Info tomorrow here, on the website, and on the mailing list of the conference!

------UPDATE SEPTEMBER 13 2006------
The t-shirt design is finally done, look at the last post of this thread! (page 4)

------UPDATE JULY 22 2006-------


Hi everyone!

Once again this year, the north american section of the annual Blender conference held in Amsterdam will take place in Montréal, Québec/Canada. It will likely be at the same place as last year, which is the Bois-de-boulogne school. This school offer us a big computer lab with enough computer for anyone who’d like to come and they even offer us projectors to help us with our presentations.

So, it’s official now. The conference will be held during the weekend of the 21(Saturday) and 22(Sunday) of October 2006. The conference will open at 9h-9h30am and will close around 5h30pm on both days.

The conference will be free to attend at. We invite everyone who plans to come to register to this website by using the “Registration!” link at the top left of the website. If any of you wants to make a presentation about any field related to blender (may it be on modelling, special fx, texturing, lighting, etc…) he is welcomed to submit his proposal using the form at the bottom of the registration page. The more presentations we have, the better the conference will be! Also, if you would like to learn about an area of blender which is not mentionned in the “interest” section of the registration form, feel free to add it in the “other” case. We will then consider assigning someone to talk about that at the conference!

On a side note, I’ll try finding a couple of hotels in the area but I can’t promise anything. It’s mostly up to you to find where you’ll sleep and pay for your transportation to get to the school (I’ll post info on how to get there by car/bus/subway soon!). As far as food goes (for lunch and diner/supper) we’ll probably do like last year. On saturday it will be pizza for lunch (5$ for half a large + a soda can) and we’ll go to a restaurant for supper. And on sunday we’ll organize transport to a near restaurant for the lunch.

Also, like last year, we’ll have t-shirts for you guys! The design has yet to be decided (if you have ideas you can submit them to us! just send it to my email xwarrior[at] with an appropriated subject title) but the t-shirt will be sold for 20$CAD. I’ll post an update by August 10th (max) about this.

Finally, prepare your portfolio! because, for yet another year, we’ll have a North American Art Festival! You heard me right! More info about this later but expect some small prizes for the winners :wink:

So you’re eager to learn about blender? or you know too much and want to help out new user by giving them some neat tricks? or maybe you just want to put some face on the virtual nicknames that you see everyday or so on the forum? Well, reserve your weekend of the 21 and 22 of October 2006 and take yourself up to Montréal City in Québec! It’s better from years to years, and last year was a blast so I can’t even imagine how this year will be cool!

I hope to see alot of you there!
The Montréal Blender Conference team
ps: if you have any question, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’ll answer you as fast as I can!


That’s good to here. I plan on coming up to Montreal for this (driving from Milwaukee, WI) because I don’t think I can afford an Amsterdam trip.

Not only do I plan on coming, but I plan on participating. I’ll be giving you some proper information soon about that… It would be nice to do a presentation on art or education, and I will also have a HUGE new film to premiere.

that’s good to hear too! :slight_smile:

As far as participating and making presentation goes, I’ll try to have the website online by the end of next week and you’ll be able to contact me using the registration form and all. Just so I can keep it more organised and all!

he is on a vacation, back later this month.

i’ll be at amsterdam. (like anyone would care)


I do (like you would care)

… and I wish BgDM would come to Amsterdam too, so we can get a drink and talk of memories past. It would be so joyful.

you’re coming? great. hope i get to meet you, i’m not great with people, and tend to lurk in the corners :slight_smile:

other than that, yes i don’t care.


hates not living in either Amsterdam or Montréal

I’ll be in Montreal again this year :smiley:

bring it on!

I’ll be there bringing 2 machines this time and taking photo and showing silly stuff and…
Blender conference is such a blast :slight_smile:

I’ll be bringing my new 17inch macbook pro so I’m all set!

I most likely won’t be able to go to Amsterdam this year, so you can expect to see me around in Mtl. :slight_smile:


October? well during that time I will be teaching in Menomonie, Wisconsin.
Anybody from this area is going to there?

knellotron, are you going by car to there?


yes, but there’s a 15% chance that we’ll fly. My girlfriend and I are planning on driving, because we would like to take a whole week for the trip, spending 2 nights in Toronto before and after the conference. We plan on moving there, eventually.

OK, based on my current schedule, I WILL be able to make it there this year. So get ready for me this time round.

At any rate, I am sure Ecks is looking for demo/presentations/etc. again, so I can get somehting together again. Maybe I can actually do the UV mapping thing this year, along with some other stuff. Let me know what you want covered and I will try and occomodate.

knellotron: Moving to Toronto eventually?! Very cool. Drop me a line when you do. I just live outside of TO.


a friend just told me montréal rocks! so maybe next year, if I get a permit to work in canada and find a job, I’ll be somewhere around there.


Heh, I love living in Toronto. All the cool stuff happens within driving distance!

If there are enough people will there be some sort of hotel package deal thing? And BgDM, if you’re doing UV mapping that’ll be worth the price of the ticket.

kattkieru: Hey! Cool. I’m sure I will review UV mapping as well as a few modelling things as well. Maybe along with Mr_Bomb on the modelling thing.

Never noticed you lived in TO before, for some reason. Guess I don’t look at the location thing very often. I am in Cambridge.



OK, based on my current schedule, I WILL be able to make it there this year. So get ready for me this time round.

for some reason I got an impression of deja vu…ah yeah I remember now

Seeing as the timing better this year, (doesn’t clash with my kids and Hallowe’en this year :stuck_out_tongue: ), I am 99.99% sure that I will be there.

oh or maybe this:

Sounds good to me Ecks. Looks like you have this planned out pretty well. I just hope I can get my stuff done for it in time. :stuck_out_tongue:

ah well, I guess THIS year is the good one :smiley: haha I do hope it is :stuck_out_tongue:

as for your presentations, I’ll post an update by the weekend with all the information on how to register to the conference and send in your presentation proposal!

and for the hotel…I’ll try suggesting a few one but I’m in no way an expert of the hotels in montreal (never really had the need to use them eh!), so it’s mostly up to you guys to find your deals etc…

/me slaps Ecks with a batch of poutine

Anyway. Yes, I have said that many times before. But I just can’t give up on a chance to drink you under the table. So count me in. :smiley:


I’m up for the challenge :stuck_out_tongue: