Moon Hoax Theorists, come here!

Ok, to stop people ruining the ‘True History of Waco’ thread with their moon hoax theories, I’ve set up this thread.

I will be defending the notion that we really did go to the moon, and I will try to answer your questions as best I can. I would also appreciate any input from people more grounded in science than I am. Thanks.

First assertion:

Bad logic. Shadows will not always do what you expect them to, especially when uneven terrain and perspective come into play. Note the following image:

Status: Debunked.

Assertion number 2:

Here is a video showing a 37 minute segment From the LEM’s data acquisition camera. It has been sped up significantly to save you immense boredom. Tell me, at what point does the flag move without being in direct contact with an astronaut?


Here’s a site debunking the moon hoax conspiracies:

I personally knew someone who worked on the Apollo missions so I know it really happened, but of course people can still believe what they want.

Alot of the ‘moon landing was a hoax’ mouvement comes from a faux-documentary on the same subject called: ‘Operation Moon’ which was directed by William Karel. It often was quoted out of context since that documentary includes important characters such as Stanley Kubrick admitting he directed the moon landing etc.

I’ve seen quite a few time people linking to short videos from that film…

Hoo boy, ain’t that the truth?

I’m personally debating another group of CT’s right now. They believe that Reptilians rule the world, and that you can find evidence of them on badly compressed youtube videos. Exibit A:

Sometimes I really don’t know why I bother with these things.

Re: Status Debunked! No way! How do I know that the blender file is not faked! Have you posted a *.blender file to be uploaded. NO! That’s means one must not discount this posibility. jk

(I’m just being silly folks - I strongly believe that the moon landings happened) [email protected] -
thanks for going for that extra effort and making a home solution to actually put the icing on the cake for this one.

The flag would be reacting to the gravitational pulls of not only all the planets, but also the humans.

Well, I’m gonig to quote myself and post it here:

Lets not forget the fact that the astronaughts have suits made out of plastic, aluminum and foam, somehoe that’s supposed to protect them from the dagers of thing on the moon like micrometeroids (tiny meteors that woult kill you if they hit you), the wind like radiation that sweeps over the moon, and finally the fact that they jump in and out of shadows, wich the tempurature change would kill them.

Also, there is a bandf of deadly radiation that surounds the earth, it would have been impossible for them to get past it alive.


Those wacky conspiracy theorists!
Fellow believers…you may be interested in this shirt I designed. It’s awesome and funny. [/shameless plug]

You’d be surprised what simple simple things like foam can do.

Bullet proof glass is just two sheets of glass w/ a very thin sheet of plastic in the middle.

So CyborgDragon has a relative that does the news. I did not know that.

Jack… your evidence is so weak that your only source of info is yourself???

Yes - There is radiation in space, no one said there isn’t. My question is this, what Gerbil Brained idiot told you that the radiation of the Van Allen belts is so strong that the Astronauts should have been cooked to toast? It simply isn’t true! The dose of radiation that they received while traveling through the belts was calculated to be about the same as several chest X-Rays. Not something I would recommend people receive every day, but certainly not enough to kill someone.

I jus’ LOVE learning the pseudo-science these crockpots cook up with their goofy ideas, gives me a chuckle evr’y time, by golly.

Yes that shirt is quite amazing. Who would have that so many moons ago for their efforts the fine folks of the space program would have had a shirt made for their hard work and dedication to the dream. (ofcourse some must have had their mortgages and other bills paid as a side result but I won’t get into that as of yet).

Now since I am not too hot on science and the likes of the controversy in the spotlight - I thought I would post that instead.

I’ve heard of that conspiracy before, places like AboveTopSecret is festering about that stuff.

There’s also a website called reptilian watch that shows so called proof by, believe it or not, listing companies with lizards in their logo or having one as some sort of mascot or commercial character. They also have pictures of heads of state showing reptile features that kind of look photoshopped.

By their logic otherkin Dragons like me would be among the reptilians.


A quick look across the web indicates that spacesuits aren’t made from just plastic, aluminium and foam. They also include layers of kevlar and nomex to prevent death from small micrometeoroids), neoprene, goretex and dacron as insulation and mylar or foil to reflect heat.

It’s only deadly if you are exposed to it for too long. It seems NASA plotted a course through the belt that would result in the least exposure. One of Gemini 10’s missions was to find out whether the radiation would permit space travel. Turns out it’s possible to get through it alive.

Read the article about radiation from the above posted Clavius website. It’s very informative about why things like plastic and aluminum are better at protecting them against the type of radiation on the moon than something like lead.

cyborgD, so geico rules the world? Crazyness, no wonder you can save money then :).

Just to add, I’m sure fellow blenderheads will notice that with multiple light sources, you tend to get multiple shadows

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