More Apples

(ec2) #1

I’ve started to study the benefits of UV Maping and painting textures from scratch. I realized that I have a lot to learn. I will! However, after failing to paint a realistic apple skin with blended colors, I just used all procedurals in these renders.

(EnV) #2

Good procedurals. May be, the only thing, that the materials are a little too much shiny.


(BgDM) #3

Excellent procedurals! I agree with env though on the shiny aspect.

Great work.


(S68) #4

Very cool

lacking a subtle bumpmap, IMHO


(ec2) #5

Thanks for the replies. I guess I missed the ball on the Spec and Hardness.

What I really want to do is paint a realistic skin for an apple. My first attempt with blended skin tones (ex: last apple) was bad. I couldn’t get the right blend from red to green. It just ended looking like hard lines once uvmapped. Plus I wish I understood how to use my UV as a bump, corresponding exactly to the way its mapped.

(BgDM) #6

OK, this is very easy to do:

  1. Make your UV map in Photoshop/Gimp, or whatever.
  2. Apply your UV map as you normally would
  3. Make a grayscale image of your UV map image in Photoshop/Gimp
  4. In texture button, add image texture and apply your grayscale image of your texture
  5. In material buttons, select layer with your grayscale image and press “UV” instead of default “ORCO” for mapping.
  6. Deselect the COL button to get rid if the colour of the grayscale image.
  7. Press the NOR button and adjust the NOR slider to your taste as you would normally do.

Works perfectly fine. You can also apply SPEC and ALPHS maps with this method as well.

Hope that helped.


(ec2) #7

SUCCESS! IT WORKED! THANK YOU BgDM! Oh man this opens doors for me now. Sweet.

I’m not sure why I didn’t undestand this when others explained, but I do now.

(funkychild) #8

I’d suggest you bump up the ‘hard’-ness. Right now it looks a bit closer to a furry peach or something.

(Alltaken) #9

hey the apples are cool

and some of those techinques mentioned will be a real help to me too.

i learn somthing new in blender every day

(basse) #10

nice apples… look abit plastic though, like others said… maybe it’s because they are shiny… well, they need bump.

oh, oh, and I wouldn’t eat the middle one, I think it’s gone bad :slight_smile:


(ec2) #11

Thanks for all the feedback. I just need to find the right balances of spec, refl, hard and bump. Which is a challenge to say the least. I think the env map reflection nees to be higher vs. the spec and hardness. Shiny apples can have glossy skin and can reflect at times the environment. It seems I’m close to an acceptable model. In my opinion the green apple is the best of the 3.

(shawnsonium) #12

I was reading this topic, and I decided to model an apple myself out of boredom.

I noticed that when you look closely at a green apple, it often has a lot of small dark spots on it, and I think it makes a little bit of difference.

Click on the link below to view it. If it says “Image hosted on Tripod” instead of the actual image, copy and paste the url.

(ec2) #13

Here is my latest render. Hope its pleasing, and eatable.

(ec2) #14

Hope your not too bored! Nice apple.

(paradox) #15

ec that last apple was good, and as far as shinyness goes I was looking at an apple today and actually they are pretty shiny, just in parts more like your last one. The one I was looking at looked like maybe it had wax on it as it reflected the light well. Bump maps and such will help but I think in some ways your first apples were not that far off. Or maybe I just got a batch of highly polished shiny apples. Anyway I still like the last one the best. Well done.

(S68) #16

Lat one is really cool.

Now, go for lightning.

Your lightning is sub-optimal. Looks like you have placed a spot and that’s all.

You need GLOBAL lightning for such a beautiful and so well textured model.

You can try radiosity or some fake GI technique (See tutorial lis or my site :stuck_out_tongue: )


(ec2) #17

I applied Fake GI. didn’t like the radiosity solution.

Before Fake GI:
After Fake GI:

(S68) #18

Very kool

were not for the basis I’d say photorealistic :wink:


(Bapsis) #19

Very VERY nice!!!

I agree with S68, darn near photorealistic… except for the stem on top of the apple. Its too round and clean, and most apples i can recall have a little bump at the end of the stem, it fattens out a bit.
But other than that, awesome work!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Alltaken) #20

i’m rather hungry right now.
so stop tantilizing my taste buds would you.


chrunch chrunch!!!

what is fake GI???:-?
i know it stands for global illumination.
but why is it fake