Most missed Add on's

VSE Transform Tools is available for Blender 2.8 (for quite a while already), so you don’t have to miss it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I started with Blender 2.8 and have no prior experience with the software, but I could say that Retopoflow is definitely the add-on I miss the most. After learning retopology in Maya, Blender feels very bare bones by comparison. Retopoflow seems to me like it would solve a lot of issues I have working with Blender for modelling, but preferrably I would like BF to make a fully featured retopology workflow that does not rely on add-ons in the near future.

Thanks! I guess I should’ve looked for it properly.

So now I went through some other addons I used and I did manage to find a 2.8 update to the awesome Animated Render Border.

For those who don’t have it yet:

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Real Time Animation
Any one miss this addon :
I port it for Blender 2.80, yo can download form my github here :
Hope you like it. :wink:


I really miss per object face counter and quick tris / quads / ngons selector:

It was a separate addon in past but at some point was included in Edit Tools 2 addon. Similar addon in 2.8 doesn’t have it:

My most missed addon: Sketchup Importer


Try Meshlint.


You can download from my github :


3dnp for 2.8 Its a really clever setup for making a 3d spinning camera of a character, but unfortunately the plugins very old and hasn’t been updated in a while. Would be nice to get the buttons back somewhere to access the settings. Plus the setup for the coding afterwards is a little tricky for non coders. for those interested it still works in older builds and the website shows some cool examples.

One of the most beautiful addons ever tried is “Animation Joiner”


hi. i couldnt find someone here wrote about one very important addon for rigid body constraints which is BULLET CONSTRAINTS TOOLS

it was super time saver for 2.79 and cant find alternative for 2.8
please maybe someone can update it for blender 2.8?
here the website:

but link not working anymore so found here: [WIP] Bullet Constraints Tools 0.3.7

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I ported old Face Info / Select addon to 2.80 (I didn’t like meshlint :stuck_out_tongue: ). It’s missing edit mode auto update from Edit Mesh Tools version, but otherwise works fine:
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Mesh select mode pie menu

this simple one is kinda crucial for my workflow
so if anyone would know how to make it work in 2.8 that would be great


Check out that thread.

Your not the only one having the same problem. I’ve seen the same post here multiple times. Even I made one…lol.

This anime spline hair addon

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Adding to the Real Time Animation add-on, I’d also love to see the Motion Trail add-on updated:

I also think this should be a standard Blender function, like in 3ds Max. Blender’s Motion Paths should be extended with editable Bézier functionality.

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but you get this problem

That’s a pity. Would be nice if Motion Trail could be updated to work properly with the latest 2.81 alpha master builds.