MR 3000 Dual band radio device

Impressive hard surface modeling!

Nice Detail. I love it.

I see you’ve completed the blender guru’s coffee mug tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is ridiculously awesome. Very nicely done.

Wow Very good!!!

thanks everyone!

The coffee caught my eye as well. How did you make those bubbles, it looks amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the main object is pretty damn well done too :smiley:

hey thanks a bunch the fuzz is just a phototexture. i tried to match the lighting as much as possible.

Fantastic work. The materials are spot on. It’s a real pleasure to look at all those details.

thanks a bunch!

Great work.

That hit me first as well.
This would make a really nice 3d print. The LCD looks familiar. Could be easily implemented with an Arduino or even a Raspberry Pi + SDR stick for functionality.

Woah, hard surface modeling at its finest, incredible job.

do you model this from reference, or any photos?

Might be fun in the future when I have time to learn how to prep something like that.

This is designed by me I used a library of photos I’ve been collecting over the years for design ref.

just it’s look amazing, very cool

thanks my dude!

Looks amazing!

Do you have a tutorial channel? I am looking to draw a console/monitor bot box, for Unity as a sort of main question and answer hub. And I’m a total beginner. This is very like what I was thinking of trying to get, similar to a “portal 2” art style of tech crossed with a “pit-boy”, though without as much fiddly knobs n parts, just buttons/keys etc?

Anyone’s advice appreciated…

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