MR 3000 Dual band radio device


(Machigan) #21

Impressive hard surface modeling!

(usm) #22

Nice Detail. I love it.

(Thesonofhendrix) #23

I see you’ve completed the blender guru’s coffee mug tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Imagine_Studios) #24

That is ridiculously awesome. Very nicely done.

(ColedonArt) #25

Wow Very good!!!

(parallax_punch) #26

thanks everyone!

(tomiv87) #27

The coffee caught my eye as well. How did you make those bubbles, it looks amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the main object is pretty damn well done too :smiley:

(parallax_punch) #28

hey thanks a bunch the fuzz is just a phototexture. i tried to match the lighting as much as possible.

(Martin_GF) #29

Fantastic work. The materials are spot on. It’s a real pleasure to look at all those details.

(parallax_punch) #30

thanks a bunch!

(Still242) #31

Great work.

(Ianmcmill) #33

That hit me first as well.
This would make a really nice 3d print. The LCD looks familiar. Could be easily implemented with an Arduino or even a Raspberry Pi + SDR stick for functionality.

(pkrissz) #34

Woah, hard surface modeling at its finest, incredible job.

(CandyBear) #35

do you model this from reference, or any photos?

(parallax_punch) #36

Might be fun in the future when I have time to learn how to prep something like that.

(parallax_punch) #37

This is designed by me I used a library of photos I’ve been collecting over the years for design ref.

(CandyBear) #38

just it’s look amazing, very cool

(parallax_punch) #39

thanks my dude!

(Noodle King) #40

Looks amazing!

(dave44) #41

Do you have a tutorial channel? I am looking to draw a console/monitor bot box, for Unity as a sort of main question and answer hub. And I’m a total beginner. This is very like what I was thinking of trying to get, similar to a “portal 2” art style of tech crossed with a “pit-boy”, though without as much fiddly knobs n parts, just buttons/keys etc?

Anyone’s advice appreciated…