MR 3000 Dual band radio device


(parallax_punch) #1

Hey guys here is a project I’ve been working on for the past week 2 hope you guys like!


Flathead screw, using a bevel and subsurf modifier
(parallax_punch) #2

Some wires and veiwport images.

(Sammy1973) #3

Saw your post in Artstation earlier. And i have to say again, this is brilliant!

(parallax_punch) #4

Thanks a bunch Sammy!

(Katanius) #5

Also saw this on ArtStation, this is hard surface porn!

(BeeLight) #6

wonderful work. I glance at this photo every time I enter the forum. the coffee stains are awesome makes it feel like its real and being used rather then just sitting there like an add.

(parallax_punch) #7

Thanks a bunch man!!

(SandraDau) #8

wow I saw this on artstation today had no idea someone in blender made it, looks amazing!

(Rio Suryonugroho) #9

wow… this looks very detail…:eek:

(parallax_punch) #10

Hey thanks a bunch man! Yep all in blender!

(ECropp) #11

Amazing modeling and render. Amazing work!

(00Ghz) #12

very nice modelling

(MONO Global 3D Generalist) #13

Incredible work!

(parallax_punch) #14

Thanks for your kind words guys!

(Churow Park) #15

Cool! I want to buy the radio. :wink:

(djwaterman) #16

Top shelf stuff, just a great presentation of a model in every way.

(Saul) #17

Love it! Did you design it or its an existing device? Thanks!

(CG Buzz) #18

Great Work…Excellent example of hard surface modelling, Crisp…Realistic…Material too look Realistic. How did you get those bubbles in Coffee Cup?


(rboxman) #19

Wow, this is seriously nice. Every time I look I find more subtle details you added.

(Shenfara) #20

This is amazing! I love it.