Mr. Incredible

Hey guys.

I haven’t done any 3D in a while, just getting back into the addiction. I wanted to have a really well designed, well modelled face to do a facial rig on, Having no character design skills, I decided to make a model based on Pixar’s Mr. Incredible. This is about 2 hours work.

C&C Please, especially on the Topology.



his jaw should be more square… just a little though. You must’ve noticed the seam over his head… so I won’t nag about it :stuck_out_tongue: good work

He… looks Good so far!
Great done…all the best!

ehhh… this is like… wow! (Maybe just to, me, but to me, that’s enough :slight_smile: )
Keep this up!

Sorry… again… his nose should be just a bit wider(I know… I am an antf*cker… which is a literal translation from dutch … something you call someone who pays attention to too much details… sorry for the language :P)

Bleedforme, the seam is because it isn’t a full mess, it’s one half with a mirror modifier. Also, the asthetic problems life the jaw and nose, this was modelled with only the picture from the front of a DVD case and I’m not really bothered about it looking like him that much. Like I said I just wanted a well structured face for a facial rig.

the topography looks good. nice mesh. i loved that movie, i was amazed by how well they did the hair.

Looking good. It’s hard to tell but I think I’d agree the thin part of the nose is a little too thin.

I believe the ridge, in this case, is due to the mesh either overlapping or drifting apart. The Mirror Modifier usually smooths the centre ridge if it can. Note that it only occurs on the forehead.

Looking at the movie (and stills) it always struck me that the mask is usually part of the head mesh - with a different material. If so, you might want to tweak the loops around the eye area to give you edges following the mask perimiter. Your mesh is already pretty close and it saves having to make a second, tightly fitting mesh for the mask.

if you have subsurface modifier on above the mirror modifier that can happen try moving the mirror mod above the sub surface

There are no good shots in here, but the “Universal Man” and some of the pictures in the pop-up show some of the topology official characters had.

In the “Making of” in the DVD, there are probably few more good topology pictures, and it’s always interesting to see how professionals do things.

Hey guys, does anyone have any advice on how to do the eyes on this fella. I mean rigging not texture. Cheers

Add the “track to” constraint to the eye and an empty/bone.

hey, just a quick question, is there any way of setting a objects location so that when you ‘clear location’ it’s sits back to where you moved it from.
I hope you understand the question.

very nice indeed, could i see your reference pic?

Hey, pork. The only reference I had was the pic on the DVD cover for ‘The Incredibles’ and modelling while watching the movie.

very nicley done in that case dude, looks like its a very fun character to model.

Wow! nice job goldensparrow. I’ll have to keep my eye on this thread. Glad your up to the challenge. Keep it up.


Try clearing rotation as well.

Hey guys. Been trying to figure out a good facial rig. I first tried setting up the face just using shape key and IPO drivers but I decided that I wanted more control so I put in some hooks on the mesh around the brows and mouth but I thought that weight painting it might be better so I replaced the hooks with armature bones but I can’t get my weight painting to hold. Does weight painting only work with bone rotation? I need it to move the bones locations.

P.S. The first two pics are made through the IPO driven shape keys. The others are the armature setup.


haha i like the top left one hehe
good work!