Ms Pac-man

Heres another image completed this week.
Ms Pac-man protects her young pacs from the ghosties.

This is Blender internal with AO and nodes, plus lots of textures, and a little post pro.

This is the small render, and I’ll being doing a large one for print so might make a few changes, depending on comments here.


hi, great render, it just seems to me that the pacs are slightly underdone.
On the Ms Pacman boxes atari. gameboy, ect… Ms Pacman always had face, bow in the hair, arms & legs. Maybe just eyes for the babys, fright would be good to portray for the babys, anger or/& a defensive stance for the Ms Pacman. Possibly closer grouping for the Pacs as if the Ghosties are herding them.
To be honest I nearly wouldn’t have picked that the pacs were pacs without you telling me. Your work is very, very good & stylish, a little more on this one could make a very memorable image.

That’s just awesome. You got a great style going on here.

You could throw in that red tie she has on the back of her head to make her appearance complete. And androcoto is right, she should have eyes.

Nice concept and fantastic rendering. Materials are very well done; threadbare numbers on the “bad guys”, etc. I like it.

I really like this, it’s even better than the uglies:D
It’s always good to see a distinct style.
(edit: I noticed it says ‘uglies’ in the upper left… why is that?)

Thanks for comments and the crits guys, I’m take it all on board and am going to look at a way to intergrate a bow onto Ms pac, but keep it in style, I do like keeping the meaning of my pics a bit ambiguous, so probably wont make things too obvious, I did want the little pacs to look more like baby fish which are often transparent and on the big image its more obvious they are see through while ms pac is opaque. I did try eyes on an earlier render but didn’t like them too much.

The uglies on the left idecates that this is part of my uglies series series, this particular image was commissioned for a print by and will be available from august so I have time to tweak it.


love how the ghosts look robotic, i love this game, and acutally have the arcade of it at the house, very nice job.

Looks great. I love the ghosts.
Ms Pac Man is missing her distinctive bow! Though I guess that’s no big deal. I still didn’t recognize her as being the mother initially though.

Great rendering and lights, lovely style. Smells like professional thingie :wink:

Really great render, i think the pacmen could be a bit larger and brighter but still, 5 stars.

very good textures, original subject

5 stars

definitely like this render, looks very much like the game. looking forward to a wallpaper sized render soon.

Great render. I suggest not taking it any further. Adding eyes and bows to Ms Pac Man would ruin this piece imo :frowning:

thanks for the comments and feedback

taking some time to make a hi-rez version as I keep finding flaws when looking close up
making 3D images for print is a much harder process than for screen especially where texturesare involved.

there is a 1280 x 960 wallpaper version if any one wants it ms pac-man


Ooo, nice! Great job on the material!


Just wanted to post a close up to show the difference between creating an image for web and print, this croped close up is at 100% for a A4 sized print, if I want A3 I’m going to need more detail again.It appears larger on screen than the print would be because the pixel sizes on a screen are far bigger then the typical printer dots which give a print much higher resolution then any comuter monitor, with printed images you really notice any loss of quality.

need to work on the grill I think

What are the black stars on the top of the ghosts… If I didn’t know any better I’d say it’s an artifact from subsurfing >_>


I love your style poke. It refreshing. If you loved the uglies you gotta love this. I like how the robotic ghosts have an expression of fear on thier face. When I first opened this thread I had trouble finding ms.pacman though. Probally the bow. But see doesn’t seem much larger than her young. Still an amazing render.

Great job, I love it !!! Five stars … :slight_smile:

I love all of your stuff, and this one is my favourite now. I’m going to keep it as my wallpaper for a while.

I don’t think that it is a good idea to put a ribbon on ms pac man though. I’m with Fuzzmaster on that one.

And how do you get your metal looking so… metally?