MTL Blender Conf. 04 Local Confirmed see first post for info


The local is confirmed. We’ll have the same one as last year. It’s a computer lab in a school (Bois-de-Boulogne). We’ll have about 25computers, 2projectors and webcam to put us “live” with amsterdam. Feel free to bring your laptop if you have one, it’s always usefull like Slikdigit shown us last year by making a 2hours animation session using .blend he had in his computer.

Since the conference will be held at the same place as last year, I “ripped” off the website that Martin (theeth) made last year.
WARNING: DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT use the email on the website, since I’m the one organising the conference this year, not Martin so don’t spam him. Use [email protected] instead with MBC as the subject of the email.

If you are coming, I would like you to email you with your name and saying if you are interested in a meeting in a restaurant on the friday night. If enough people are interested, I’ll organise it and make reservation in a restaurant.

If you have any question, feel free to email me or rply in this thread!

[Edit] if it wasn’t obvious enough, the conference is in Montréal, a city in Quebec/Canada on the 23 of October 2004[/edit]

I want to go!

Seeing as the timing better this year, (doesn’t clash with my kids and Hallowe’en this year :stuck_out_tongue: ), I am 99.99% sure that I will be there.

Count me in for now.


Arrrggghhh! I really want to, but I’m almost 99.9999 percent sure I can’t make it (then again I don’t think greyhound would be too expensive from edmonton to montreal).

Is someone going to take pictures for those of us that can’t make it ;)?



I can bring my digi camera over there :stuck_out_tongue: and if others can bring theirs too it would be great!

2people so far? lol…we need more!!

Only 2 hours from Ottawa… I’ll be there ! :smiley:


I’m glad for Martin who really wanted to make the trip.

As for you young master, expect my presence. Hopefully I’ll have something useful to show by the 23rd of October.


well, this is definitely more feasible than the amsterdam conference, but im not sure how me as a 15 year old is gonna get from vancouver wa. to Montreal, let alone pay for hotel, restaraunt, etc etc. Plus, i would probably be like the youngest person there :stuck_out_tongue:

crap, guess i’ll have to go to blender conference in 2010 :frowning:

Sounds like I could be there, about an 8-12 hour drive from the london, Ont. area…

Hmm… getting from colorado(USA) to there… i dunno if I should. Hell… I’ll prolly just get lost and end up in australia somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

but if I decided to go… I better not hear any complaints about me passed out from the jack daniels! HAHA

hehe tu peux conter su moé mon grand. L’Estrie c pas ben loin.
je crois que je suis le seul de ce coin là anyway.
devrait peut être annoncer sur zoo si c pas déjà fait. ya qq québecois la dedans.

Do you know what is going to be showed to this conference? New stuff, art, tutorial, maybe some off the material showed at Amsterdam?

So any news on this? That october date is coming up pretty fast! (like wut? 2 months or something? HAHA)
just would like to get that week off or something now from work so I don’t have to put up with their insanity later

well I won,t have a 100% confirmation that we’ll have the local untill the beginning of september…but I’m pretty sure we’ll have it. If we don’t have THIS one…I’ll do watever I can to find another one, and I’ll find another one trust me. So THERE will be a conference, be sure of that! :smiley:

Gabio: cool! j’vais pouvoir mettre un visage a ton nom! hehe. jvais aller lannoncé sur zoo :smiley:

You could make an annoucement on the Clan as well, just to cover all the bases ?


I might come…luckily the fllight from Tampa, FL won’t be as much as problem as getting the days off(I work for an airline)

that’s big luck for you.

hmm I seems to be unable to post on the blender clan website…could anyone plz post something there linking to this thread :S and feel free to do it on any other french or canadian/american blender website too if you know some. Just link them here saying to reply if they are interested in coming.

Tx alot!

How productive it would be for someone who just started learning animation to participate?

If there is live tutorial on screen: very valuable.

This reminde me of this question: what is planned to append there?
Didn’t come to the last one so i don’t know.

I’ve announced the reunion on the Clan and the Zoo too, with links to this thread.