Multi-Layer Cloth Demo Dance

[Multi-Layer Cloth Demo Dance]

I tried to upload the video here, but near 30 second animations are too large. Please visit my video on YouTube. Or be generous and explain to me how I can post videos >5mb here. Thank you.

I was retired for 8 years. Then I saw Ian Hubert’s Salad Mug from his Dynamo Dream project. And his mini Blender tutorial demos. And I decided to try Blender. This is my learning project.

I’m Steph Greenberg, Steph G V.2, and I’m a long time “character guy” with previous experience in Maya, MotionBuilder, Max, and other 3D software, and I worked at Disney Imagineering, Rhythm and Hues, Third Floor and on the first Avatar. I bet there’s someone here who knows me from back in the day.

This started out as a complex character rigging project with a complex multi-layer regional traditional outfit (Boiko, Ukraine). I added a background because I couldn’t just have her dancing in space. That would be lazy.

The dance is a Mixamo Samba with hand keyed and modified animation here and there and the last 200 frames fully hand keyed. The outfit is from artist Milionna An from Ukraine, simplified for animation (link to her Artstation page on the video).

The rig is stock Rigify. I love it. It’s ridiculous and over the top and I need every feature. Love the way the auto eye rigging works.

Managing the interaction of these layers was an insane learn while on fire experience. The dance features fast movement that has legs crossing over, counter rotating hips and really strong twisting in the body. Managing the positioning of the ribbons required a lot of manipulation of the physics throughout the entire animation.

I discovered interesting things. Like combining all of the layers into one mesh made close collision detection work better than when the objects were separate.

This is also motion capture imposed on an IK rig with armature bones in different locations on the body from the Mixamo source.

The character Oksana is rendered in cycles. The background is rendered in Eevee.


It is best to upload videos like yours to YouTube because of file size limits.

What you should be able to do is upload a link to a YouTube video that is visible and playable in the thread without going to YouTube.

Maybe josephhansen can tell you why your does not show up as inserted in the post.

By the way the video is great I love the cloth! :slightly_smiling_face:


Fixed it. It was in parentheses, a YouTube link needs to be on its own line with nothing around it.

I don’t get notified when you link my profile, fee free to tag me (@josephhansen ) and I’ll probably see it sooner :slight_smile:


Thank you! I appreciate the assistance!

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Sorry I thought you did. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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That was oddly realistic… I’m sure your experience has helped you a lot with this, even with years of gap. Never thought of rendering the background with a different engine, might get a nice taste.
Well, I guess the character had more presence than I initially expected. Noticed the eye moving.
Very cool, thanks for posting!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the boost!

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Thank you for the input. There is a whole strategy and technique to making a face look alive that I’ll get to in the tutorials. You would not believe the things that you don’t notice, but you feel. Especially at the end, but only because she’s relatively still. It’s not just the eye movement that you can see.

When I get back to Tacoma next week, I’m going to start on the tutorials.

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