Hi !
I’m a PhD student at university Paris 8 (INREV Research team).
I’m developing this add-on at CUBE CREATIVE to experiment multi-user workflows in Blender.
Feel free to test it and share feed-backs :slight_smile:

Multi-user - Enable real-time collaborative workflows inside blender

This tool allows multiple users to work together on same blender scene over the network.

Under development and unstable, use it at your own risks. Currently tested on Blender 2.8x on Windows platform.

Source and download:



  • 2020-10-16 - v0.1.1 [changelog] [download]

    • Ton bugs fixed (see changelog)
    • New session status viewport widget
    • Documentation improvements ( @poochyc )
    • Server managements scripts ( @poochyc )
  • 2020-10-05 - v0.1.0 [changelog] [download]

    • UI sync flags
    • Sync Axis lock replication
    • Sync collection offset
    • Sync camera orthographic scale
    • Sync custom fonts
    • Sync sound files
    • Edit Mode updates
    • Logging configuration (file output and level)
    • Dependency graph driven updates [experimental]
  • 2020-07-29 - v0.0.3 [changelog] [download]

    • Auto updater support
    • Big Performances improvements on Meshes, Gpencils, Actions
    • Multi-scene workflow support
    • Render setting synchronization
    • Kick command
    • Dedicated server with a basic command set
    • Administrator session status
    • Tests
    • Blender 2.83-2.90 support
  • 2020-02-28 - v0.0.2 [changelog] [download]

    • Blender animation features support (alpha).
    • Light probes support (only 2.83).
    • Metaballs support.
    • Improved modifiers support.
    • Online documentation.
    • Improved overall session handling.
    • UI revamp.

That sir is damn clever and will be very useful for sure!


Amazing! Reminds me of the old Verse build of Blender. Is it using that at all?
If you’re not aware:

Thanks !
It didn’t use Verse at all since I needed a different replication model :wink:

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Well, really looking forward to testing this out!
This might pair wonderfully with the recent GSOC VR stuff, have you considered that? To build a scene together in VR, that’d be a dream for set dressing!


Yeah that would be awesome ! Even for scouting !
It is one of my goals for future experiments :slight_smile:


Can it work on the Internet?
I imagine many sessions with several people via the net for fun or even to work.


It should work if session’s ports are openned and correctly forwarded on your router(for Hosting).
But there is no lobby manager for now, you’ll have to share your public IP…
After performances improvement and better datablocks support I will study lobby creation support.


Wow! Great! Looks like playing Counter Strike with other people but in Blender :slight_smile: If it works, maybe this could be the beginning of a new weird competition/game between users because looks very fun…


To everyone interested, note that @slumber will give a talk about it at the blender conference next saturday at 15h30 (salon) :
Can’t wait !


Woah. Noice.

does this stream commands between clients / or models / or video like Stadia?

I always thought the video stream would be best - so the user could use a potato pc and do epic 3d modeling - on a beastly server.

Hi !
It stream datablocks content over the wire in order to allow multiple people to work asynchronously on differents parts of the same blend :wink:

One thing i’d love to see (if it isnt in this build yet, I have yet to try it) it putting all of the objects one user has created into their own collection, and the users can make their own collections inside there. Just to better manage who is doing what.

I am going to be doing this same stuff but inside upbge 0.3.0 - and I will be streaming video out and commands in - so we can operate on X meshes per frame w/different users

(we are not tied to bpy.context)

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Finally, someone got in to this!

Please do not tell me that multiple people can work on the same sculpt also


Yeah, this kind of workflow works! I used colections to manage user rights during my early experiments :slight_smile:

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Not until now, but I am thinking about which types of datablocks could handle multiple users modifications in parallel (such as collections,etc.)

The bcon19 live stream (on Youtube) currently shows what is happening in the Theater, but is there another live video that we can watch if we want to see a speech that will happen in the Salon ?

According to the Schedule, the “Open-source real-time collaborative workflow in blender” talk will happen in the Salon… :anguished:

I hope that someone recorded @slumber’s talk.