Multitexture for Blender? Material for use of floor generator

I have a question about creating a parquet with a floor generator. creating the geometry is no problem with a help of a floor generator. But now I want to load 10different color maps to be randomly applied to the boards. Do you have any tip or maybe a link to a tutorial about this? Cant find anything helpfull at the internet. In Vray I would use a multitexture node to load all the maps at one time and tweak the settings to my liking. This is the link to the Mtexture plugin for MAX.

Any idea how to solve this in blender?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

uh…found this generator maybe I should try that one as well.
We will see.
In the past I used this one

oh I am using Blender 2.79 with cycles

I usually make a file containing all different textures in a row from left to right all same width, then I make a single board, sort the UV of it so it takes all the space from (0,0) to (1,1), then using array modifiers I make the floor from that board, separate it to separate objects, select all of them and run a script I wrote to randomly distribute the UV along the width of the texture flipped x, y, or both(rotated 180 degrees). Here: It usually works quite well. Don’t forget to change the number to whatever number of boards you put in your image file. You could also use my node tree that does all this from the material. You can search Blendswap for ‘Cycles Material That Randomizes Parts Of A Texture Per Object’, but then you cannot merge them all to one object and it changes if you add meshes to the scene, but it can save memory quite well if you use face duplication.

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Hi Martin. Thanks a lot for your reply. Will try to do so. Thanks

You are welcome, hope it helps. If you run into trouble, let me know. I was thinking of making a video tutorial or something, but never got around to do it yet. Would be good a reason. But there shouldn’t be anything too confusing here.

Here is a setup I did mostly for a marble texture to disrupt repetitiveness for instances using object info/random, but for a flat plane I would use some random color generator instead (bricks texture can do this using the same noise setup) . It uses last noise component to drive random rotation for each tile/plank/whatever, but for wood which is strongly directional in nature I would use it for something else. Multiplying in some darkness for variation maybe? The setup looks like this, with the two textures in the center showing what the inputs actually are - kinda hard to see that it is a (still needs to be seamless though) repeating texture:

Wow man, Thanks a lot!