My 3D adventure fighting game

(blenderaptor) #1

hi guys,

Im working on a game similar to Oni (from bungie) . For the moment, im able to contain the number of logic bricks in a very few and also my python works with very few “if” and no loops :smile:
what have done so far :

  • dynamic camera
  • commands
  • adaptative combat system and animations (thats much more work than coding actually …)
  • shoot with cursor
  • ragdoll

i will publish a little video in a couple of weeks (coz im really busy right now with my job and have to put the whole stuff together … yeah many .blend’s) but i was wanting to know if some people are interested to make a really nice collaborative project in order to make a complete game easy to mod with aim to make a solid template for any other game : 3d third person, fps, rpg elements … etc … I want to make the game the most modular as possible so people can easily review/remake a module. Once the project is almost done, porting it to upbge could be nice.

( #2

What tools/workflows do you expect to use for collaboration?

The BGE is notorious for making it hard, so I am wondering :slight_smile:

(blenderaptor) #3

The things one can add :

  • animations
  • maps
  • cutscenes
  • sounds
  • objects
  • scripted missions

those things are purely assets and can be subject of collaboration. For the code,
i think that once things are well documented, it will not be hard for people to improve the game system

(Fred/K.S) #4

Ooohh no Game Art !!! mayn gotta start working theory is good but it takes making the thing that really hurts trust me its what im going through rn just so heavily busy on My Game Project’s!

So try and get something up so that we can give you more feedback on yr progress


(blenderaptor) #5

not sure i understood. But yes, i understand that people want to see some pictures of the project. I’ll will show it next week-end :stuck_out_tongue: