My 3D adventure fighting game

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hi guys,

Im working on a game similar to Oni (from bungie) . For the moment, im able to contain the number of logic bricks in a very few and also my python works with very few “if” and no loops :smile:
what have done so far :

  • dynamic camera
  • commands
  • adaptative combat system and animations (thats much more work than coding actually …)
  • shoot with cursor
  • ragdoll

i will publish a little video in a couple of weeks (coz im really busy right now with my job and have to put the whole stuff together … yeah many .blend’s) but i was wanting to know if some people are interested to make a really nice collaborative project in order to make a complete game easy to mod with aim to make a solid template for any other game : 3d third person, fps, rpg elements … etc … I want to make the game the most modular as possible so people can easily review/remake a module. Once the project is almost done, porting it to upbge could be nice.

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Battle Of Cube-Team project
Question of interest : how do you make NPC harassing you?
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What tools/workflows do you expect to use for collaboration?

The BGE is notorious for making it hard, so I am wondering :slight_smile:


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The things one can add :

  • animations
  • maps
  • cutscenes
  • sounds
  • objects
  • scripted missions

those things are purely assets and can be subject of collaboration. For the code,
i think that once things are well documented, it will not be hard for people to improve the game system


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Ooohh no Game Art !!! mayn gotta start working theory is good but it takes making the thing that really hurts trust me its what im going through rn just so heavily busy on My Game Project’s!

So try and get something up so that we can give you more feedback on yr progress



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not sure i understood. But yes, i understand that people want to see some pictures of the project. I’ll will show it next week-end :stuck_out_tongue:


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Well, this .gif doesn’t shows lot but i have already a good control system where i can control my character + camera like in a FPS but in third person view. I control the characters with the mouse and 4 buttons and using combinations up to 16 animations already.

In what you can see in the .gif, i use exactly 16 bricks (including 4 control brick controlling the mouse, keyboard and the end of action signal and 1 initiating all variables at boot) . Around 100 lines of python . I created something in python which should work like an animation tree with activators . i didn’t my ragdoll system in it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

(CLICK on the image to PLAY it)

direct link


god damn hard to go way through BGE --> uploading a simple gif. This is only a little part of my original .gif (128mb )


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I didn’t answer correctly previously. I believe that one can contribute to a same game project by assembling it with like modules. I’m working on the combat system and it should ends up in an autonomous arena fighting game. But this game (and its functionalities) could be included in a larger game (third person adventure game) , then add a story line, add cars one can drive … etc …

I think that the best thing to do in first time it’s aiming to create a very strong template - starter kit so people can learn from it and add modules on it. Then after start add the artistic stuff.

Also, i try to keep the number of logic bricks as low as possible and the code very readable


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my character falling down under gravity. I didnt really spent lot of time for good tuning of ragdoll as you can see :slight_smile: . But now i have this functionnality in my game.

direct link

(the fps drops when launching recording , otherwise it runs perfect 60fps all the time)


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falling but holding with his hands

direct link

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Not bad for a start so far :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Keep Workin on it bro :sunglasses:


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thx man! Happy to have a feed-back. This week-end i will show the AI. :smiley: I know my game doesnt look fancy but i prefer to spend more time on the design of the code


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Hi guys,

I was not really happy with the Navmesh for the NPC as it creates static and angular path.
I created a dynamic navigation system in which the NPC goes softly to “checkpoints” from which he’s briefed on the next checkpoint. For exemple, my character can jump from the bridge for a shortcut if the AI tells him to do so :scream:

alternaltive link

P.S : taking screenshots each frame slows down the result. Without it, the game is extra smooth

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Nice animation. But I dislike the way you made the character walk like he in fighting stance. lol
Try making him walk like Tyrant (NEST’s ultra specimen) from Resident Evil 2 Remake.


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yes, ofc. This is just a demo. First container, then after contenant.

Here below, i changed the combat system previously made (see 1er video) because i didnt like the idea of having the character sticked to a combat place. Now it’s more mobile… and it will be even more soon !

direct link


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I can’t wait to see the outcome. :metal:


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I just finished to make the basic interaction system between characters.

direct link :

It’s very far from being tuned as i want :yum: I use a timer propriety to define the “reaction time” of hits given and i just put a random number. But it’s not important for the moment. Tomorrow i will try to finish the Alpha 00000.01 version of my game my adding a health bar an combat movement system for my npc.

I’m planning make this game the Oni 2 on BGE.

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Today i made the npc walk after you for a fight. Did anybody here already made a fighting game on Blender ? I think it will mix a 3th person shooter in it (just like Oni)

direct link :

the little engine so far :building_construction:

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today , 1 month of work :birthday:


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Hi guys,

Started to dive in the world of mapping and texturing. I started to have a look on UPBGE and really wonder what are the basics to make a good lighting. I’m a total noob with textures, materials, shaders and lighting and stuff :pensive: For exemple, I put 1 point lighting in each of the 2 rooms

  • how can i have a global light in the scene ?
  • why do i have that weird black rectangle near the stairs ?
  • why the light of the rooms seems to enlight the roof in the middle ?

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the trick to avoid light bleed is NOT to. what you really need is enough environment light that one doesnt notice.

2 hemi lights at opposite angles has proven effective for me. adding a sun lamp or a few spot lights to cast shadows helps a lot too.


  • main hemi:
    • bright, color of sky
    • angle mirror to sun
    • speculars
  • second hemi
    • darker, color of average scene
    • either 180 to other hemi, or world.
    • usually no speculars
  • sun lamp
    • very bright if mostly indoors for exposure hack
  • spots
    • use for accent shadows or dominate lighting to keep within the walls.
    • variance shadows are costly, but look real nice.
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