My 3D adventure fighting game

Finally mixamo is a really good ressource for animations. I found some small packs of animations. Pitty they don’t build bigger packs just like one can find with Unity or Unreal.

So my project is to create a template integrating already all the basics of

a game of parkour < a fps < a fighting game < an adventure game with small missions. :slight_smile:

This is just the beginning, she will dance with the sensors


Noice man congrats yeah true even @haidme used mixamo for KRUM Battle Arena Combat system !!

dude yr game will be awesome if u use mixamo animations keep up the great work on implementation of these animations. (Id like to see more of these in Blender Games)


getLinearVelocity is our friend

low poly models is my cpu friend


when you start to realize that many key combinations = many many animations. only with 5 keys + mouse movement + left click :face_with_monocle:

I hope i could present my whole base animation system soon : around 120 animations + Fighting animations around 50 (but that later a bit later :slight_smile:

Unity and Unreal have some excellent starter pack with animations. Would be cool to have one for upbgvee as well. Im’ working on it guys. Hope people would join/ameliorate my project.

Imagine, so many people could review and tune the animations perfectly. These animations here are just there to fill a slot.


stance[ running] , target [static] , action [jump] : flip over target
stance[ running] , target [] , action [jump] : jump


direct link

game running in upbge on demo map with some hysterical material settings :cold_face:


climbing is very important but i need to know how do you guys make that ? Im ending with a glitch on a frame . Help ?

working on creating a super template with no dynamic physics so far. Pure arcade style. Sorry for damn OBS recorder glitch at the end. In this video, i just demo the collisions of some parkour objects to redefine a running action


Fast run. Easy to play

ladders, bar swing. I didn’t rig my animations to them yet


“Almost” done the adaptive collision system. Here below, the character will automatically jump over the fence in the good direction regarding the hitPoint and not the world coordinates of the object. (still have to modify the animations)

Stairs , ladders, barrier, beam , elevator , wall borders , doors. The 7 static building objects you will collide with.


Automatic-action-collision for elevation and its border. No special button to push. The stance matters. For exemple, no flip on wall if character is simply walking, no slow-down jump from the wall if character is running

switching to fps mode.


Starting to slowly work on the fighting aspect of the game :slight_smile: That was my main error during many months… i started to think about complex combat system while i didnt had built my basic game system . so that’s why i felt i was never going ahead in my project asthe state of my game developpement was roofing as a simple 3D viewer . ." press that button to make cool kick " .

I’m interested about a community project around making a template/started kit because so many people like to perform into making top-scripts but they never though about simple things like motion sequences, utility of action layers in a combat system, how ennemies must face, or even something like managing multiple collsions or the algorithmic around activating-deactivating collisions regarding how the character needs to interact with them.

Also, it’s funny when you recall that dodging is an element of the fight … Here, below :

move + mouse over (+ennemy launches attack ?) ~ a dodge movement. Still looks bad, will work on it.


just using my old combat moves (not mixamo) and see the result with the dodging moves. Everthing has to be tuned, so it looks a bit messy. I know exactly what im doing … but mixamo combat moves were mocap on an old man ? They have no energy and they are not linked… (dont share the same starting and ending frame)

if anyone has a full set of boxing move animation (like Unreal/Unity animation pack) … would help me much !


i want to know why some objects seem to glitch on X-ray mode sometimes. Help ?

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I bet it’s this :arrow_down:

Polygon Normals set to face the WRONG WAY.


Yes I did mean that :slightly_frowning_face:

Does the MATERIAL on the glitching OBJECTS have Z_Offset set other then 0.0 (?)


Strangly enough, it DOESN’T matter if it’s greyed out or not for that certain button (so it’s ALWAYS on)

Yay! :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you perhaps upload the BLEND file (?)

Also 1 other thing that could be un-hiding stuff is maybe MATERIAL Transparency (MASK)
Do any of those MATERIALS have Transparency on (?)

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now my character body tracks the camera’s target

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3 animation layers in activity. Game runs 60fps in 1920x1080 full screen (because no pulse mode ?)

@RandomPerson ,i’ll be glad to see a message below.

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