My cel-shading

As you can see on the last picture all CG was done in blender, except flares and smoke of course. There is no custom shaders - only standart internal toon material, default edge on 10 and light white freestyle edge. Shaded with one lamp with enwironment lighting on 0.4. That’s all. Just i’m working with cel-shading 11 years - since 2004.

Ooooh, sorry for my ignorance, I saw the white image with black lines and black image with white lines and then the colorized version and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m guessing you just mix those 3 with compositing hehe

I think it’s one of last tests for my visual novel and i think it’s time to start making it.


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My old paidwork for animation film “Mon petit Piere” - infantry fusee. Reshaded in 2.73.

next tests for graphic novel - trying move glow effect to animation seq, so good in static and needs some improvement for dynamic, maybe i can solve it with compositing nodes or with natron.
still using internal and default edge - freestyle and cycles toon still standing in bad condition and doesn’t ready for real production

Your cel shading looks very nice, the last pics remind me of Battle Angel Alita.

super speed cellshading work 34 minutes in dinner break - REAnya - maskot of Reanimaedia and otaku ru

blender internal+freestyle

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Yes, boss has a point. And it’s not just in blender.
Most 3d animation has issues with 2d styled work, even until this very specific moment where games like GGXrd and animes like JOJOs have been trying to manuever around the heavy manual workload while keeping the expressive design ideas intact from drafting and illustration.

safe to say 2d illustrations still has it place if not for it’s tedious labour work, but if you want to make 3d looks as good, and not just “good enough” try to manipulate it’s framerate, shot distance, and even going as far as repainting bits of the scene.
It worth the trouble seriously, if you know how to and have basic desgin foundation.

Best example however would be the pseudo anime Atlus franchise, both Persona and Catherine.
They seriously manage to keep anime feel like “anime” without sacrificing too much 3d engine performance and capacity.
Some of their products also maintain heavy texture painting with nicely put AO too.

Look at those tiny little lineart near the chin but not as much to define the uniform! Woo!

Then again this is my inner fanboy speaking, please unerstand.

Does anyone interested to start a new thread related to GGXrd production and see if we can do something with it on Blender?
Perhaps OP can lead us to the light! :smiley:

New test and breakdown - internal + cycles

some night work - Object 2218 from my novel

some other process

trying ink shader

testing new cycles in 2.74
cycles toon+some gimp overpaint

another ink shader test for cellshading

background with cellshading for my digital novel

and second art for this location

I really like your ability to manage high contrast and keep post-apocalyptic ambients in all your piece. Original art-direction, imo. You achieve really dramatic visual effect with your style, and it’s working. I prefer the ‘ink test’ over the ‘cycle renderings with paint-over’. I also like the 3D media as you use it, a bit raw, exposing thin regular cold line-art, with a lot of compositing, exposing also pixels aliasing and burnt zone.
The part that kick me out of the illustrations the most , are probably the hair-cut ; they feel like soft plastic melted.

started probes for intro and second teaser of the novel

freestyle lines from prev scene

some art for game artbook - 2.74 internal toon, default edges