My cel-shading

Blender 2.72 on Cycles Toon shader


I was expecting something cheesy like a cel shaded sphere, but that is very impressive looking! Welcome to the forum.

another render on new cycles shader

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some illustration about manga shading in 2.72

Interesting what do you mean by toning?
Here’s one my test renders in cycles

In manga shading i doesn’t use colored materials - only hard grayscale, and then toning result by one or two colors.
For example:

Wow, those works are awesome!

Can you explain more in detail how do you make such a good looking shader? Especially what are you using for the toning?

In anime, it’s just coloring - filling space between ink lines with color. Check out this video where Danny Choo goes into one of the anime studios to see the process. Nowhere there you see grayscale shading:

Cirno going to MOSKOW CG EVENT 2014!

Another tests for animation project - 2.72 Internal + Freestyle, composed in Natron 1.0

latest tests for visual novel

Wow more than just decent results here! But I think that (for now at least) cel shading in Blender is unfit for animation… Better to stick to stills.

Why do you say that its unfit for animation? Go into the details on why your saying that.

I mean that practically speaking, there are too many shading problems. I think that it is more sensible to use Blender more as a tool in the production process, such as using the Freestyle line output and coloring in a software such as Paintman or PS. Using this effectively could remove the real life drawing altogether. This way would still cut down on production costs greatly, and open a way for people that are not skilled in 2d drawing to produce anime movies. This is just my opinion, although personally I think that there really is no comparison between hand drawn animations and CG manga… haha hand drawing clearly is more beautiful. However I am interested in cel shading and the like on a more technical level of interest.

character design with blender toon and freestyle, because cycles toon still so slooow and depends on GPU

new tests for visual novel, still using blender internal and in some situations default edge still better than freestyle

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amazing!!! i love it,
i don’t know,i want to study,how to do that.

wow :smiley: this is really amazing…please make a tutorial for that <3

Tutorial about? Shading? Compositing?
Or about how to make your own free tools for generating anime characters for animation and manga (yes I have it, lol, and it’s not a cheesy way MMD) with a convenient rig and good compatibility with subsurf?
And of course another test scene for the novel character.

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A tutorial for how to get that amazing result. I’m new to Blender (but not to 3D modelling-rendering) so I don’t really know much about the available shaders yet, but looking at the replies it seems like Blender alone can’t do that or you’re manually coloring (?) I’m not even sure… the only thing I know is that it looks stunning and I would love to know how to do that.