My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

(Softwarespecial) #41

K almost done for now

(Softwarespecial) #42

These I did on my Nexus 7 when I was bored.

(Softwarespecial) #43

Some more

(Softwarespecial) #44

And again more.

(Softwarespecial) #45

Digitial painting of a Parrot I liked both Background colors so I posted both.

(Softwarespecial) #46

This is a Perspective Practice Painting. Not really happy with it. More will be done.

(Softwarespecial) #47

Another Digital Painting this one is a another test of Perspective.

Here is another Perspective test but with a Base-plate. I was trying to paint organic and inorganic into the image and yet keeping the proper perspective.

Just a fun character design.

(Softwarespecial) #48

Here is a continuation of the Perspective test with the Castle that you are looking up at. This is right inside.

This I painted the Laptop shell. the Keyboard is an image from Lenovo Site. and the Screen is a Screen shot of my own image. I also painted the basic background.

Here is my Redesign of the Monkey Island Cannibals Village. This is from the game The Secret of Monkey Island.

(Softwarespecial) #49

K My Last image the face seems still a little to cartoonish. I can’t seem to put my finger on why. Its probably just because my understanding of the muscle structure and such of the head is well very poor. I found good tutorials on the body and limbs but not the head. If anyone knows any good ones on the muscle structure of the head please share and one on feet would be helpful don’t have that but the arms legs and torso I do have. Also I am still horrible at doing hair. I have downloaded and viewed tutorials but I still can’t seem to get it right. If anyone knows of a great hair tutorial please share.

(Softwarespecial) #50

Here is my attempt at using a 3D model of a human skull and trying to render out a head using Gimp and some painting techniques I learned from CG Cookie and other places. My attempt was to make it as realistic looking as I could. It is close but there is always an air of cartoon in it. I think it is my features like the mouth eyes and ear. I think the eye and lips the most are what need work. I wish I could find a good tutorial on the muscle structure of the head and bone structure but that is a bit more straight forward. As you see one has a test hair the other does not. I found something that gives me a little more understanding of how to do hair but still I need to practice. Note I don’t know if the skull Model was supposed to be female or male. If I knew my head anatomy maybe I could tell.

(theoldghost) #51

If memory serves me and we are talking about forty years here illustration board with a slight tooth works great with water colors. To run a wash just incline the board at say 30 degrees and wet only the parts you want color in. Then start at the top and have a clean almost dry brush at the ready to pick up any color that might run into a dry part. Or, to create a highlight for that matter. Of course to work a already worked area requires it to dry so you can again wet the area where you want additional color.

(Softwarespecial) #52

Theoldghost Thanks for the input. I will have to try that the next time I do a watercolor. Now the Image below is a Anatomy study. I am still fairly weak in my Human Anatomy so I am working on that. This is a picture I used a reference at the start then tried to use it as little as possible after.

Here is a Character Design. This is a Character Design. You Have two Aborigines they are a pair hunting together one is the lead the other the follower.

Now here is a Village for the Aborigine’s.

(Softwarespecial) #53

This is a Simple Thumbnail type thing to get an idea of an Ice Cave I want to do in Blender. The thing is I want it big so I need to decide to either make it smaller parts and just move them together or make it all one big thing.
Here is the digital artwork.

This is a Simple Perspective Test. I am still practicing drawing without reference. Though I did look at a 3D model at this angle real quick to get an idea. The goal was not to make something look real or to make it look cartoon. It was to try to get proportions and the view right from the angle. Though I am not sure what makes this look so cartoony. Just for my info If someone knows what tends to give something like this a cartoon look let me know.

Here is my version of an Octopus swimming. His tentacles are more leather like so no need for nasty suction cups.

(Softwarespecial) #54

This one I took a photo of myself then the rest is Digitally painted. I have found I am really poor at layout of an image I make. Need to work on that.

(Softwarespecial) #55

Work in Progress its based upon a Black Panther. A sorceress I don’t want to overload it with stuff but something feels missing. I think the staff needs some decoration down the base. Not sure if I want to keep the eye shape or go with a more Panther shape. Panthers eyes seem more round. Right now the shape not the eye itself is more human shape. Ideas are most welcome.

(Softwarespecial) #56

Update on Sorceress and my anatomy study. The Sorceress is still in progress but added a few things. The Person study I found some techniques to improve the look of the skin still needs more work but much closer to what I want.

(Softwarespecial) #57

Was bored and was in the mood for quick type sketch/drawing. So Did some in Pen. These are some of them.


(Softwarespecial) #58

My Sorceress One without the robe one with. I like the direction but can’t seem to find where to go to finish.


(Matthieu Houllier) #59

My eyes …

(Softwarespecial) #60

Dagto ha ha ha any way some more pieces

One was a quick I am bored piece with the bubbles and spider. The other was a Lets not try to duplicate a real octopus but use it as a guide.