My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

(Softwarespecial) #61

Using Krita to try to get more of a painted look. I Started Art with doing more Acrylic and WaterColor but its hard at least to me to try to recreate that in a digital form.

(Artloader) #62

There’s some nice components to this, I think your bushes at the front are good, they have some real depth. I think your trees could do with a similar kind of treatment. Maybe study some reference photos and see if you can apply what you see to your painting?

(Softwarespecial) #63

ArtLoader Thanks yeah I know the trunks definitely look a little flat and the leaves of the trees are eh. I was trying to only use brush like settings and use a knife tool to smudge it around. I can do better with actual acrylic paint but I am already on my computer and I love the painted look so trying to recreate that. I will need to use some reference photos I rarely do honestly its not a good thing that I don’t use them often. My rocks look like Pie. I already started another piece that I am taking a bit more time trying different things. Thanks

(Softwarespecial) #64

Here is another one I started before I got the feedback. The next one I do I will take different photos with elements I like for reference.

(Softwarespecial) #65

How does one find a style they like? I mean when I do Digital I am not quite happy with the style or general look. How does one try different styles meaning not how to paint but I guess example. How anime and Disney both cartoon but way different in feel and style.

(kwikker) #66

It’s a good idea to take / copy / forge other people’s things.

As in make a picture using somebody else’s tactic, then put yourself into it.

Do that often enough and something new can stem from it.

It’s also a good idea to try different programs.
This one for example

(Softwarespecial) #67

Thanks Drawingisdead.

(Softwarespecial) #68

I am working on faces again this is a Digital painting test where I took a piece of a photo in this case the ear and then painted the rest. Its still a WIP but its coming along.

Here it is with a little more work done to it.


(Artloader) #69

That’s a good idea using a photo texture and then working on from that. Nice work so far. His iris seems like it’s leaning backwards a bit too much though? I suggest using some photo references to help you continue with this. Keep going though mate!

(Softwarespecial) #70

ArtLoader Thanks I now have quite a few reference photos will need to also figure out how to get a decent EyeBrow. Also the Eye Lids needs work.

(Ralmon Meril) #71

Hmmm… While the overall shape of the head is correct, this one goes in the realm of the Uncanny Valley.

One of the very issue is the facial features. The eyes, the nose, the lips, the jaw, the eyebrows.

Here is my over paint. I’m not that good at painting face yet but I have enough experience to see most of the mistakes. My paint over is just an improvement though and I think it also has its issues, but I think it would make it clear what the wrong stuff are.

The most noticeable error is the eye. The iris of the eye in your painting seems to be like painted over a ball. That is not the structure of the iris. The iris is more of a bowl. It bulges inwards to the eye. When viewed in profile, the pupil will not be in view, so don’t show the pupil. Don’t paint the iris like it is pasted on the eye, instead paint it like a bowl. That is, the inner part of the eye would be cast in shadows.

Another obvious error is the jawline. The jaw starts bellow the ear, not behind it. My over paint corrects this.

The nostril is also another one that looks very funky. You paint yours as a big oval which is wrong. Most of the time the nostrils just appears as a dark like or very thin oval. The only times when the nostril is very round is when you look up the nose.

Now, the eyebrows and eyelashes. I often paint it as a texture. Instead of painting individual hairs, it is just a broad patch of color.

Also, references do wonders.


(Softwarespecial) #72

Ralmon Meril as you know from what I said

Its still a WIP but its coming along.
I knew about the eye though didn’t think about it as I painted it. I however didn’t really know nor think on the Nostril about how it would look. I find myself Liking the way you did the EyeBrow and EyeLashes. I may have to steal that idea. Yeah I had after Artloader told me
I now have quite a few reference photos
I had not gotten to it yet. I know the mouth and the slight lines and changes. I have never found a good way to show that. I may try it like how you did on that. On a front view for the mouth I have just used another mouth texture but didn’t want to do that with this.The mouth seems to work how you did it. Though one thing I want to do with this just to gain the skill is paint the face to get it to match the photo ear or at least not look off. Whether I can or not I will find out. Thanks for the tips.

(Ralmon Meril) #73

Though one thing I want to do with this just to gain the skill is paint the face to get it to match the photo ear or at least not look off.

That might not be the best way to do this. The problem here is that, if you do it like this, you will not know why your painting does not match the ear or why it looks off. To be able to know why your painted face is wrong, you have to be very familiar with the form and structure of the face. This is something you don’t have. So, even if you know that your painted face looks wrong, you can’t correct it because you don’t know what makes the ‘correct’ face correct.

The best way to do this, I think, is to study the form and structure of the face. This means actually studying the face. You have a face so you can start with that. Get a mirror and study your own face. How is it put together. You could also try reading some books about the anatomy of the face.

I may have to steal that idea.

That idea is something that I stole too. So go.

Well, let just take it one step at a time. You will get better.

(Softwarespecial) #74

Thanks JA12 will be trying that. Ralmon Meril Thanks I know the face but not so much the form. I know the trick to finding eye line nose mouth that stuff. Yet the actual structure I have looked at the bone structure but have not yet focused on the muscle. Like I know the Eyebrow is at a ridge but not so much how much. I know the cheek bones and the jaw and such.

Yet you need to also know about how the muscles are under the skin. I have looked at the Skull but have not had the chance to really look at the muscles.

Still need to do more with Anatomy. I found some good tutorials on the Anatomy of the Body but have just found some reference of head anatomy. Here is another head same concept but different look. Still not sure the best way to do eyes. Will need to look at more reference. I do like the EyeBrow a lot better and the Eyelashes a bit better still may tweak them. I keep finding, that art, is a lifelong progress.

Updated one. Plus I tried some hair as I can’t do hair very well. So I did a quick test with some hair.


(Softwarespecial) #75

A Landscape based upon a rough Sketch I did. Its still a WIP

(Softwarespecial) #76

Another Profile View Head test. Yeah I need to find something to help me learn the details of the head.

(SugarLand) #77

portraits are my weakness great job

(Softwarespecial) #78

Thanks SugarLand

(Softwarespecial) #79

Here is me practicing Line Weight. I get some of it like further away lighter line and possible a thinner line. Closer darker and sometimes thicker. I don’t quite get what about for the body of the creature.

I took it and added some grey scale shading.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/6/5/5/655ac4961f20a2413f9c0190baef3bfd8e399c88.jpg" width="500" height="500"><br/> 

Next I am working on a color version still not done yet.

(Softwarespecial) #80

I had posted another landscape that was not quite done. Its now maybe done. Still looking at the trees.

Now this is my new Landscape. It is missing some minor details I will finish but overall I am quite pleased. I wanted to go for a painted look without overdoing it.

Now its the same painting but with something more added.

Again there are some things here or there to be fixed but overall I am quite pleased.