My Female Anime Character(Honest Feedback Please)

Hello, I have been working on this character little over a month.

I’m looking for any feedback on how it looks and where it needs to be improved on.
Please provide honest feedback and reference for what you point out!


I’ll update this as much I can.

legs look out of proportion, make longer… otherwise great character, could you post closeup of face?

The hips to shoulder proportion doesn’t look right; not sure if it is just due to the viewing angle though…

I’ll adjusted the legs and here’s a close up


Concerning topology: boobies are a bit out of proportion, face needs reworking. If you want to study some blender anime characters search for made san on blendswap. Discovered these yesterday: You can install an addon for importing mmd/pmx files and study these characters as well. They are made by the original studio.

If you need look for mmd (miku miku dance) on deviant will get hair models and eye textures.

If you need some reference pics to model after try this site: A new and upcoming anime.

Drop by for the google+ 3D Anime community. Just learn and improve.

Legs are too small, especially in cross section. They don’t appear to be that much larger than her arms. Also, her toes shouldn’t be splayed out like that. Legs are also too short for an anime character. Anime characters generally have longer than normal legs, similar to fashion illustrations.
Her hands might be a bit small, too. Rule of thumb for hand proportion: if you put the heel of your hand on your chin, your fingers touch your forehead.

I have looked over what you all said and tweaked it

My current Todo list is to fix the problems with the face

Also I got rid of the lines because it was driving me nuts

cant wait to see your next update, you have done a smash up job already… mind you I simply though the face was stylized you may tweak it but even it could have went on with minor eye and lip abjustment

Today I did some research and and tried to improve the face based on it here’s a render

I think is it still needs alot of improvement on the eyes
but I would like to hear what Y’all have to say on that though

Also Thanks for what Y’all have helped with so far :slight_smile:

Eyes look much more natural. As do the feet they are a lot better.

Looking at the 3d view in your original post the curves of the breast are a little odd. They are lumpy in places with unnatural curves, like they are pressed into shape out of modeling clay. Your update looks better but its hard to tell the roundness of boobs form a 2d front view.

Again Looking at your original 3d view the ass crease is too large for that size ass. Either lower how far up her back the Ass crease goes or give her a booty to match the crease. Maybe a little of both.

I’d also suggest you push the breasts in a little but without reducing the volume. Making it look like shes wearing a better fitting bra that gives some lift. That way her outline will look a little more natural but she will still be well equipped :smiley:

Her box-gap could do with some shape too. It looks far too square. Either give her a little thigh muscle to close up the gap a little or give her some toe to add some shape. Or a little of both for balance.

Need longer legs and the gap between the legs is too large. Its almost 50% the width of her abdomen.

Thank you @bigmonmulgrew for the Feedback.

I tried improving on what y’all said and I also Improved the face and eyes a bit too.

Here’s a Current Render

Looking much better. Shes looking much more natural now.

Her breast look larger from the sides and in perspective than they do from the front. This might be solved depending on the lighting and texture you add to her later but you could solve it by adding shading to the cleevage and underside of the breast. This would make her breast look a little bigger from the front but not have any effect on the size when viewed from the side where the true size is visible.

When viewing from the side, the legs appear to be much thinner than the rest of the body. You need thicker thighs along the forward facing. The gap is still large between the legs but not as unrealistic as before. To fix the breast, lighting might work but not if you will be animating. You should move the chest back a little bit from the abdomen. Its not the size, its the appearance of proportion, and the forward leaning appearance is just unnatural, giving the off appearance.

Or instead of moving it back, the abdomen just below the breast down to the top of the groin comes out too far, this is also adding to the ‘off’ characteristic.

What are you going for? Realistic body for anime usage?

Oh, I understand the girl style is anime, but it seems more chibi.

She needs to be overhauled on almost every angle, try to follow some references. There are lots of anime models too.

The legs need some work. She has the chest of a twenty-something with the legs of a ten year old. It just looks off. If you made her flat chested you would have a very cute 10 or 11 year old anime character.

Here’s a update for y’all

I have been looking at alot of reference and studying and comparing it to my character to see where I need to improve it.

When y’all comment I usually google certain things said and get reference for it an try to improve on it. I would like when y’all comment to go more depth for the stuff you point out. Also if you can to provide picture based on what you have pointed out.

here’s a Anime picture search engine

Current Render:

Thanks for the Feedback Everybody! :eyebrowlift:

Ok I quickly googled a model. Take a look at this side view and appreciate the female form for a second.

Here are my notes on the differences.

Real womans breasts are a little higher. - This could just be a styling issue
Real womans butt is rounder and larger, although she is also stickign it out in this image.
The real womans thighs are much larger and muscly. While they dont need to have defined muscle they doo need to be larger on your girl so she does not look like a child.
The back of the calf muscles is also much larger and rounder. The diameter difference between the muscle and the ankle is much greater than on your model yet the ankle is still larger than yours.
The back/top of your characters head is much larger and higher than the real model. This could just be a styling issue since most anime characters have an enlarged head.
The curve from the ankle to the foot is too sudden, enlarging the ankle may partially solve this though

To summarise

  • lift breasts a little
  • rounder butt
  • larger thighs, calfs and ankles with more muscle
  • Lower back of head slightly, reduce head size slightly
  • Curve from ankle to foot less dramatic

As mentioned earlier your model has a weird box gap. By making the thighs muscly-er this will partially be solved. Your models lady parts need some flesh to them though, your curve upward in a continuous curve from the thigh, the thigh should meet the lady parts and then curve down in a slight bulge.

Ok lets talk front profile, breasts waist and hips.

Notice that while a real womans breasts are typically wider than the waist it is not normally as dramatic as in your model. Hips are usually wider than the waist AND breasts, although there is styling to consider here. Your models hips and waist does appear too small for her breast size.

Also the front of your models stomach appears to be a half cylinder. Its not shaped. Jusding by her proportions it should be flatter to a degree on the front. I would recommend you add a belly button if only to assist with proportional development.