My Pc build

I am in the middle of Build a super high end desktop, for use in Blender and UE4, so i already own these components

1 x 1200watt powersupply
1 Designaire motherboard to support up to a 32core TR4 AMD CPU and Quad GPU and 8 DDR4 dim slots
i already own 8 x 128GB by 3200 speed LPX corsair DDR4 Rams
For the CPU should i go for the AMD TR4 32 core CPU to match the 128gigs of rams
as for the GPUs im thinking someting like the Quadro RTX8000 in sli, or 2 x RTX Titans or go with the Nvidia RTX 2080Ti
Harddrives i am thinking using the Samsung evo pro 4TB SSDs

The best this motherboard can support is the 2990WX. Yes a 32 core processor, but only 4 memory channels. If you were only just buying a motherboard I would recommend the newest 32 or more cores processors instead.

But as it is the 2990WX is the best you can do in core count. In single core performance terms though I’m not sure it’s the best choice you have though.

The modeling tasks in blender are dependant on single core performance for an example, so if you intend to primarily do GPU rendering then you might be better off going for the 2950x perhaps.

With all of that said, if you can find a buyer your best bet might be to sell the designaire and go for the TRX40 platform instead. If you really like the desingaire then know that there is a TRX40 variant too:

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+1. For such a budget, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute.

You something like the Gigabyte GA - TRX40 AORUS XTREME AMD $1,599. i have just took a look at the selected CPUs for the TRX40 AMD there are 3 choices a 24, 32 or the grand daddy 64 core:thinking:

Listen, to be honest I don’t really know what exactly is your purpose with this build and why you think you need all this horsepower. If you really do need this kind of hardware, then the 2990wx is no more considered to be a super high end CPU, since the release of the new threadrippers. In fact, the 24c/48t 3960x costs less and performs better in any scenario.

I would like to help more, but to do so, I’d like to know more about your workflow and the upper limit of your budget. No need to throw money on top of the line hardware if you don’t really need to.

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The 3960x i what i am thinking, well im not going to fork out over 3 grand for the 32 core 3970x, well i am only purchasing a bit at a time, so i save up to reach the price of each component, instead of saving up forever to buy everything at once, buy the time i got everything everyone else upgrade to the same level, the way i see it as Blender and UE4 becomes more advanced system compatability will increase as well, well when Unreal engine 4 becomes Unreal engine 5. A lot of peoples PCs will begin to struggle, or be out of date, also Blender will need more advanced pc hardware, Blender v2.82 now eventually Blender v3. Also DDR5 memory is on the Horizon.

@Felix_Kutt taking about a bit of the motherboard i will be upgrading to the TRX40 style, this is the one i have at the moment

so this is the one i got still brand new never been used. :+1:

That is a TR4 not TRX40 though, thus it is compatible with the cpus listed here:

@Felix_Kutt yes i know i thought i show you, what i had. and i will be going for the TRX40 motherboard, then find a buyer to buy my old TR4 motherboard, :+1:

Yeah, I already got what it was from the opening post.

My new TRX40 Designare motherboard got delivered today and its awesome.


Great, seems we never advised you on gpu. If you can wait, then RTX 3080Ti, if not then RTX 2080Ti. Quadros are good in that they have more gpu memory but unless you need that I’m not convinced that they are worth it.

And that motherboard enables you to get a very powerful cpu that can probably be very competitive with gpu compute for a good long while.

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Well i did speak to one of the IT specialist on the phone at Scorptec where i purchased the motherboard i purchased from, he did advise me to go down the track of the Quadro RTX 8000, because of its massive 48GB of GDDR6 memory and also those GPUs have ECC error correction system built in less likely be experencing crashes that developers are experencing using RTX 2080Ti, which they are.

This is a joke, right? :astonished:

I have a better idea, i wait until RTX 3080TI is out being patient, i might go for 4 X RTX 3080Ti and only have 7% Bottlenecking or less relationship between CPU & GPU because the mother does support that maximum amount of GPUx, i prefer to listen.

No offence here, but my comment was about this specific gpu (RTX Quadro 8000). It would be useful to a handful of professionals only (specific CAD apps). It costs around 7.5K$ and you can buy 3xTitan RTXs or 5x 2080ti’s with this kind of money. Not exactly a good investment for blender.

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Yes i thinking now the RTX 8000 would be a complete waist of my money invested in that kind of GPUs, any way the cpu 3960X is too powerful for that video card, i have decided on waiting for the 3rd gen video cards, 3rd gen cpu and 3rd gen GPU RTX 3080TI, would be a match made in Heaven, i may only need sli so i can run a 8K monitor to a RTX 3080Ti.

Hi i need to say it will not be very long for me to purchase the 3rd gen AMD, the 3960x 24 core cpu, and at the moment i saved 700 then add the 700 out of the 750 stimulas package, $1,400 then 3 lots of 300, $2300 then a 200, then order i say about September.

But i need to purchase a case XL-ATX which is my mummy board, and thinking as for cooler the ASUS rog RYUJIN 360mm, but i have run into a snag regarding XL-ATX there is nearly nothing on scorptec, regarding PC cases, the only XL-ATX is that very ugly looking one by Thermaltake which is on 4 wheels, i dont want one that horrible one, will not match, but on mwave there is this Compact one a corsair graphite 780T if know it, looks great, and can have up to 6 x 2.5" 4Tb SSDs, but the comatable water cooler is by corsair up to H100i dont say TRX4, but on PCPARTPICKER for build own the Corsair graphite 780T, ASUS rog ryuijin 360mm is no incompatibilities issues, is pcpartpicker ligit?

Hi, I am also biding my time waiting for updated cpu/gpu components for my next workstation. I recently saw this on Linus Tech Talks that caught my attention which I believe might interest you guys also.

It’s related to this awesome machine by Comino called the Grande RM which looks quite promising. I haven’t made any inquiries with them yet but might do so in the coming months. So this may be of interest if it fits in with your use case(s).

Unboxing is here

Comparison testing.

Cheers and happy Blending!

I wouldn’t say the thermaltake case is an ugly looking case, but it is true that it isn’t meant to be a showcase chassis but rather a utilitarian design.

As far as the coolers, far as I know any that are compatible with the previous sTR4 sockets should still be compatible with the sTRX4 as well, It’s just the purpose of the specific pins in the socket that have changed, the mounting hardware afaik remains the same.