My Star Detroyer

I have been working on this Star Destroyer for about three weeks now. I haven’t gotten as far a I’d like but I am modelling everything. The face count is high and is going to get a lot higher…lol A friend of mine challenged me by saying “Bet you can’t model a Star Destroyer.” and I decided to give it a go. I have been using blender for just under two years now so I still make a lot of mistakes but I am improving. It is only now that I think that I have garnered enough skill to actually do this. Let me know what you think.


Impressive. Most impressive.

Crazy :stuck_out_tongue: Are you also going to unwrap it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! I appreciate that.

Thanks I appreciate that!

I’m going to texture some of it and use dirty vertex on the rest. The Star Destroyer is actually white, but I can play wit that a lot. there are hues of white into the light grey spectrum that I can use to give it character. I am going to use a greeble texture that I made in GIMP to add the texture to the larger surfaces instead of modelling every greeble. It will cut down on face and vert count which is going tocbe high anyway.

I finished the back of the lower deck today. Also posting some images of other details that I’ve already done with it.

A thing of beauty. :ba: I’d throw in some foul language to use as adjectives, but I’ll keep it clean. That is mad modeling, man.

Wow thank you! Coming from someone who clearly has a handle on Star Wars builds, that is a real compliment.

why split the thread? you can keep posting your wip stuff in the same thread.

great modeling though, are you using displacement modeling or greebles to detail out the surface?

Didn’t realize I could add more pics to the same thread, thanks for the heads up. Thanks also for the compliment. I haven’t started to use displacement yet. That I’ll do when I add a greebe texture to the larger surfaces. This is all modelled from primitives. There are no modifiers in play as of yet, with the exception of the mirror mod. Most is flat shading and all back faces are culled It’s going to have a high poly count regardless but trying to minimize the size for as long as possible.

Here are some more of the detail images of the Star Destroyer.

Wow, amazing! Keep it up. I’m a big Star Wars fan, so this is really cool. :slight_smile:

The level of detail on this is amazing. Great work so far! This must take a lot of patience :smiley:

Very Impressive. Great job. I look forward to seeing more as you progress.

Thanks, ShadowCamero, I’m a fan, but not a die hard one. I know that this will not pass the die hard test as being identical to the original model but that’s okay. I am using as many reference images as I can find so it’s pretty close. I’m also adding a bit of me into it…lol Thank you very much for the compliment. It’s very much appreciated from such a great blender artist. You’re work is stellar. The sitting room is outrageously good.

Hey Cont_mike, thank you very much for that. After seeing your “Practice” render I was floored and the fact that you’re commenting on my work is very very much appreciated.

Thanks squidmole! I love the video you posted of the Millennium Falcon coming into the the bay. Great model and awesome vid. You do some fantastic work! Thanks for the post.

Started the greebling on the front of the lower deck today. It’s not an exact match to the model but I like how it looks. Lots to do!

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The second image is a test of a greeble texture that I am going to use to texture the larger surfaces of the model. It will keep the poly count down. If I were to model each of those greebles the face count would be outrageously high. (It already it but not as high as it would be)