Mystic Night *UPDATE end of page 2*
Made with Blender 2.36, zBlur plugin, Photoshop postprocess

Do you have any suggestion for a better name?

Wow, this is nice. I love the atmosphere of the pic and your trees are wonderfull … I can almost smell the werewolf.

cool atmosphere

that’s really well done OrtiZZ.
the mist is cool.
nice one.

Really, really nice. I’d like to see the render prior to postprocessing. One thing bothers me though, the grass in the front of the picture looks too cgi. It’s not dense enough, and there’s also something else off there I can’t quite place…

I agree with all the others, the atmosphere is awesome. I’m almost waiting for something to come out of the mist.

I feel the same way. The curves of the grass look too precise and there are too few blades with large spaces between them. What you’ll find iwth real grass is that in between the long obvious blades there are loads of small shorter blades. It isn’t glaringly obvious though, I’m just being pedantic.

wow i mean wow! :slight_smile: i literly said that when i saw your render. I’ve always wanted to create this kinda scene with a really good feeling/atmosphere. but you really did a nice job on it. =)

keep up the good work

Wow, that is really nice. :o No useful crits from me. Just a post to say I love the look of this. Good job. 8)

Animation without postprocessing:
I know the moon moves to fast and it shouldn’t move that straight.
Do you have any tips on how the moon should move
and how I can make a glow effect similar to the one on the still. And also how do I animate the water?

Well, for starters, the moon should move in an upward arc, not in a straight line. Speed is good, maybe a bit slower.

The animation is very good, especially the lighting.

The path as zachogden mentioned should be in an arc. In the area where the moon is the stars should be blacked out because the moon does that. Also make the motion type linear if it isn’t already. Perhaps also start and end the animation by having the moon come on and go off screen because it looks wierd when it just starts and stops.

I hope thats helpful.

I, too, would recommend moving the moon in an arc… also, I’d suggest using the V-KEY on the moon’s location IPO. It really shouldn’t have an ease-in and ease-out like that. The movement should be constant.

To make the glow effect in the animation use the glow in the sequence editor. For animating the water: if it is a texture, look at some of the animated texture tutorials at this site: .

As far as the moon goes, its kinda strange to see the moon moving that fast. What is your intended effect? Maybe it would look better if you moved the camera instead of the moon.

This is a very cool scene. It looks alot like a scene that I’m working on at the moment for a short animation. I guess that makes sense because I used L-script and fiber, and it looks as though you did the same.

Now the moon moves a bit slower, the water is animated and I’ve used the glow effect. But there are some problems in the render as you can see below the middle tree.

wow, I must say, that looks amazing. My main crit, though, is that the moon should look more flat, not like a sphere.

props man. I love the composition and lighting of the piece. I particularly like the texture on the grass and the modeling of the tree! AWSOME WORK.

Very nice work!

“Do you have any suggestion for a better name?”

Misty Moon?

Misty Moonlight?

Misty Moonlit night?


Misty Wood? ( i know it sounds like a porno, get it? Misty Would? sorry I’m nuts hehe)

Wonderful atmosphere!

The only point I’d raise is about the earth - to me it seems too light - or is supposed to be snow or sand? - I would find a change of either colour or detail quite helpful - as long as you don’t then lose the atmosphere?



SpindleRift said:

the modeling of the tree

I didn’t modell the tree, I used the Lsystem script.

Yeah, I was thinking this animation would look really cool as a meteor (shooting star) coming in at night. Change the color to orangy-red, have it coming in high-to-low, left-to-right, and add a tail/trail of glowing particles. Then maybe end it with a big “impact” glow from offstage-right… the speed/pacing is almost just right as is… would that be cool?