N-panel Clutter

Would anyone happen to know how, without disabling addons, de-clutter the n-panel. I dont even know what im clicking on half the time because i have addons, some only requiring a hotkey for one feature but that addon resides in the n-panel and the more addons I add the less I see the tab labels.

Is there a workaround, a ui organiser or anything?

If I uncheck those boxes under “Filter Add-ons”

  • Preview, Surface, Volume, Ambient Occlusion, Ray Visibility and Settings will disappear from the World Properties pane on the right.
  • Create and Edit will disapper from the N-panel tabs.

Hi @Gregg_Hartley

Here is an add-on (made by @chippwalters) that might interest you (and also every Blender user who is a bit annoyed by the clutter of the N Panel Tabs): 090208:link: 090208https://gumroad.com/l/simpletabs

Kudos to @Metin_Seven who found this gem. :+1:


Thank-You . Thank-You a thousand times!
N-Panel has just been such a disaster as my add-ons have compressed so tight only the first letter is visible, and there really aren’t that many…Consolidate here I come!!

Shout-out to @Metin_Seven also!!!

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While we are waiting for a solution directly added into Blender, it’s a very nice temporary workaround.
Chipp Walters is the one who deserves thanks: Organize your N-Panel with this free addon: SIMPLE TABS

IMHO the best solution would be for the addon developers to create their own panel that can be docked anywhere instead of shoving everything into the N panel.