Organize your N-Panel with this free addon: SIMPLE TABS

Hey folks,

bonjorno7, masterxeon1001 and I have been working for a couple months trying to find a better way to organize the N-Panel in Blender.

We’ve come up with the free SIMPLE TABS addon. It does the following:

  1. orders N-panel tabs
  2. renames N-panel tabs
  3. consolidates N-panel tabs

Check out the video:

Get your copy at Gumroad:

or Blender Market ($1):

Thanks Chip, bonjorno, and MX! I downloaded 1.1.2 and am giving it a test run now. What’s the method for completely removing the name of a tab so that it hides the tab? I tried highlighting it all and hitting Delete but as soon as I confirmed it with “Enter” the name reset to default. Figured maybe I was doing it wrong.

You’ll need to create a MISC category (or some other name) and put all the tabs you want in that one.

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Ah ok, thanks! I was getting my info from this tooltip.


Thanks for sharing. Well get that fixed!


Damn, this is about all I need to solve my N-Panel mess :slight_smile: Thanks heaps! Any chance of getting some built in or custom icon support? Might be a blender thing, but it would be really useful.

Anyhow, this is already a huge step, I’ve been renaming addons manually and it was a huge pain to do it for every revision.

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I agree with Dan. I was just recently voicing concern about add-ons getting split up and making the N panel more of a mess, and then you totally go a redeem yourself. :rofl::grin:

This is actually a pretty big QOL add-on, and if I remember correctly people have been wanting this natively, for a bit. And the consolation option is great.

Thanks for you and the team for producing this. :metal:t2:

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Yes, icon support would be great. Unfortunately Blender doesn’t allow it nor support it.

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Great, I’ve been thinking of this feature as well and will get this addon for sure. N-Panel has been one of my dislikes until now. :smiley:

Maybe I shouldn’t right away make a suggestion, as didn’t downoad this yet and sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. But I’ve been thinking if it would be possible to have 2 or more N-Panel tabs open same time one below another? If user would always like to keep one addon or items tab open for easy access this would help to lessen the switching between tabs in N-Panel. Just to keep preferred tabs open with simple “lock” icon or similar.

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Was being greedy, made a rightclickselect proposal a while back. :slight_smile:

Quick rename and sorting is a HUGE quality of life improvement!

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Thank you !
This is useful!

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You can consolidate multiple tabs into a single tab, which works pretty much as you described


Got the addon now and your already designed method works well, thanks.

And I just now accidentally found out that N-Menu panels can be pinned by right clicking the panel and check Pin. Maybe I never really looked into this, but just thought it’s not possible. :slight_smile: Better not to assume things and I mention this here if useful for someone else as well.

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Awesome addon!!!, works great though Zen UV addon doesn’t seem to like it?

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Nice to see some love to N panel.

It’s me or after reload blender all changes to names resets and you need to open addon icon and hit checkbox (Update) again?

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Some send use a non standard way of placing their tabs. You might want to contact the dev.

We had this same problem with Boxcutter, and thankfully we have the right access to those devs so we could fix :wink:

No that shouldn’t happen. I’ve notified bon about it.

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Having some issues, Item is not showing up, have a random tab called Misc and boxcutter and machin3 are not respecting position and tool is always first no matter where it is allocated to be.

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Being able to edit the N panel is incredible useful and I was wondering if targeting other areas that are not VIEW_3D is on the development plans?

I crudely added a target space to edit the tabs in different areas to see how it behaves and while its clunky since you have to press update multiple times to get the list, it kinda works.

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Yes, we’re getting some feedback on several of the more exotic add-ons and their incompatbility with SIMPLE TABS. So, we’re going to update quickly with an exclusion list in PREFS where you can type in the name of the add-on and it will be excluded from simple tabs but will still show up at the top of your in panel.