Nanami animation

I wanted to challenge myself, so some time ago I decided to make something bigger than just one simple render. So this project is going to be a short, cartoon-style animation. It’s going to have 2 characters and last something around 2 minutes - maybe less, maybe more.

Below is first character. Work still in progress. Currently I’m working on physics simulations and finishing rigging.



Facial expressions test:


Amazing work! Edit: if anything the bottom left and rightimages get a somewhat weird ridge in the base of the nose where I’d expect the folds to turn upwards

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She is indeed very expressive in a “classic Disney” sort of way and I, too, look forward to watching your short.

I like the fact that she is not – ahhhh… – “impossibly buxom,” as too-many CG characters are.

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Wow! Cyborg? Android?

nice work !!!

@tobbew Thank you! Well, facial expressions are still not finished, I’m still making some small improvements and fixes. If I understand correctly what do you mean, I should be able to fix this nose.

@sundialsvc4 I love Disney style, so it’s awesome to know that someone found something “Disneyish” in my work :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

@universalchaos Yup, definitely a cyborg. Basically, it’s not shown on this concept above, but her shoes are part of her body, and can transform into boosters. It was quite a challenge to make it work in 2 completely different rig types (as a regular feets and in boosters mode). Can’t wait to show it here :smiley:

@alf0 Thank you!


Really nice work!

I love the facial expression. A little video showing the controls/bones working?


Thank you!
Why not. I’m working on laptop, so recording the viewport while deforming this model could be problematic. Video probably would be very laggy. But I’ll render small animation from 3D viewport with some facial expressions showing one after another. Should be enough to show how this whole face is working.

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you!

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Ok, so here’s small demo with facial expressions in action.


Wow!!! really cool! very nice deformation!
I’m quite surprise that there is not more comment! looking forward the updates!
It was nice to see this work on blender nation!


Thank you! I really can’t wait to show full rig.
Yes, it was awesome, I didn’t even expected that :smiley:

Looking forward to see the full rig! :wink:

Very nice! I’ve been trying to make such stylized characters a few times and I know how hard it is

Yes, it can be tricky sometimes. To be honest this is not even the first version anyway.

Inspiring work. I like the character… looking forward to seeing the final work.

And there is a final version of this character. It cannot be seen here, but struggling with physics simulations took me the biggest amount of time. Now it’s time to start working on second character.


So, here is a concept art of second character - Hamari. For now it’s only a sketch, but obviously later I’ll upload some test renders with face and rest of the body. But first I have to make a 3D model of her.


An ambitious project. I am very interested in the final result, because it looks very good for now