Nanoshooter (Successful Networking Experiment) Servers are down.

Nanoshooter is first and for most a networking experiment. We wanted to prove to ourselves we could make a working online game in blender. The results were promising enough that we went ahead and made it into a playable game.

Nanoshooter consists of 2 playable levels, a basic menu system, and the server script used to host games. In the menu you can connect to any IP you wish, or play offline.

As this wasn’t meant to be a full game, we are releasing it as open source. Feel free to pick at it and try to learn what you can from it, and even create your own content. The .blends are available, and I have created a couple simple ReadMes that should help blender users create their own levels, or host on their own servers.

There is only 1 game type, free for all, and the rounds last 6 minutes (this is changeable according to the server). The two maps are completely different graphically to prove the game is somewhat flexible.

The first map is the official Nanoshooter level: Bridge

The second map is taken directly from one of my favorite failed games. Project Fish Duck. The map is unchanged from PFD to Nanoshooter, and still goes by it’s old name: Cove

Nanoshooter’s main server will be up as often as possible, to give you all a chance to try it. There are no bots, so if you are the only player on, there will be nothing to do but explore. I would suggest going on #gameblender or the new #nanoshooter irc channel to find another person to play with so you can enjoy the game. I have finished a python based bot, that stays in the IRC channel #nanoshooter to provide some assistance to users.

This is a free web based IRC client you can use to access those channels: Hope to see some of you online.

The downloads can be found here (updated Tuesday June 9th):

Windows: [ (Windows).zip]( (Windows).zip)
Intel Mac: [ (Intel-Mac).zip]( (Intel-Mac).zip)

The team behind Nanoshooter:

Known Bugs:
-Some graphics cards don’t support the texture blending on Cove.

If you find anything acting strangely please report it.

The Server is offline sorry.

The latest download links have a few new bug fixes, particularly for Linux users.

Known working Nanoshooter mods:

FPS mod:

Bridge Day/Night Cycle:


Hey everybody.

Because Nanoshooter is a multiplayer-only game, perhaps we should arrange an official play time so people aren’t stuck playing with themselves? It’s impossible to tell if you’re playing online unless there are other players at that moment. Perhaps June 8th, 5:00 PM PST (UTC/GMT -8)? As for right now, I’ve really got to get to sleep.

I look forward to playing with some of you blender artists.

Hey, congrats on releasing this! I’ve been wanting to look at the networking since you guys announced Project FishDuk. I’ll be sure to pick this apart when I get the chance, thanks! I’ll give some feedback when I get a chance to play it :slight_smile:

Good luck in the competition!


I hang around in #gameblender, so I’ll be around :wink:

Page load error!! Noooooooooooooo!! :frowning:

hmm … the zip with blends is corrupted it seems… I cannot open it here… :confused:
looks good anyway.

Looks like they are all corrupted. Try to use a decent compressor (7-zip for Windows).

I got it but when I play it, in the dialog that comes up along with it, it says something about “cant not find ____file”.

Hmm, We were having trouble getting the files to upload, I’ll get a mirror up on savefile when I get the chance, but I don’t have time right now.

Sorry for the minor technical difficulties.
I compressed the files a little differently, and re-uploaded them now, so theoretically, they should work.
Unfortunately, I have to go now, I’ll be back in about seven hours.
The server is still running.

I miss PFD, but I’m glad you’re still into networking with blender!:yes:

Still doesn’t work here.

Alright, well, sorry for these shenanigans folks, we’re not at our real computers right now, but when we get back (in a few hours) we should be able to fix it. It’s either a problem with my compressor (Mac OS X’s built in compressor), or a problem with my FTP client/server; neither presents a serious problem, and we should be able to play today.

Hi guys,

Just thought I’d let you know that everything is working fine for me. I was able to successfully download and extract the game last night. I ran the Windows version in WINE on Linux (you forgot to include the Visual C++ manifests, btw), and I also played it from the .blend files with no troubles. It reported that I had connected successfully to the server, and my DSL modem was flashing with an appropriate level of activity to suggest that this was true.

I won’t be around to play tonight, though, as I will be in a meeting at that time :frowning:

Ok it was working for me this time, exept for one thing : the level bridge_170.blend should be named Bridge_170.blend to be read by the game (or the game to link to the bridge_170.blend file - either way) on linux …
Also, the server was quite laggy from here, the game was stoping every 10’s seconds… but I suppose it’s just a matter of server location …
and third, I find the orientation not so intuitive, and would have maybe better liked control according to local axes on the avatar rather than absolute XY movements… (same in ThumbStuff btw… )

appart from that, it looks good ans seems fun :wink:

I don’t seem to be spawning…

It keeps telling me that GameLogic doesn’t have the module “GameState”…

The server is located in Victoria B.C., Canada, so if you live far away from the server, please expect lag.

Olm-Z, thanks very much for the report, we’re currently working on correcting this minor server-side error. Also, we’d like to know where you are located, just to check if this lag is expected, or unacceptable. [edit: the error has been corrected, it should work now]

Curlystraw, we’d like to hear more about this problem. If you could PM me or Gomer with more details (operating system, which version you are running, etc…), then that would help us out a lot.

Mirrors on savefile are on the way, even though it seems like the current ones are working.

We were just playing with some of you, and it worked very well, minus a few small glitches. I’m afraid I have to go now, so we’ll release a patch later.

Thanks, and see you later.

I just downloaded the windows version, and it was really fun!
Are those real-time shadows?
Also, is LAN available/going to be implemented?

Minifig, if you want to play lan, all you have to do is host a server on your computer, and find out it’s local IP address, then type it into the address bar in the menu before you hit play.

Each level has full real time shadows being cast at all times. They cover the entire level.

I’m in the middle of uploading a version with a few bug fixes on mediafire. When it’s done I’ll edit the first post so it contains the links. The old versions will still work, but the new ones are somewhat better.

Hope to see some more of you online.


I cannot open it. It says it is an unknown file. I have WinRar to open files, i cannot open it with this. How can i open it. Can you put it inot a .blend file? Anyway i REALLY want to play it and learn from it because i want to learn to use internet connection with my game. Hopefully it works out.