Nature detail + free tutorial

Hi Guys,
The new tutorial is finally ready on Youtube

I spent an incredible amount of hours working on it. Often, I felt like I will never finish it. Fortunately, I did it, you can watch it, and hopefully, get something valuable out of it. I know it´s not perfect, a lot of things could be done better, but as the quote says: " Better done than perfect" Blender 2.82 + Octane engine.

I created few shots using this scene

In this tutorial, I will lead you through the process of creating nature close up renders in Blender.

Fast-paced videos cover the details of all necessary technical aspects, including creating materials, lighting, rendering, and a bit of post-processing.

However, this tutorial aims to teach you more than just a step by step process. My goal is to reveal to you also my reasoning behind this project, so you can understand why I made certain decisions. I believe that after watching it, you will be able to use acquired knowledge for your next projects.

Did you find it useful?
Let me know which part was the most interesting for you.


So realistic glass should be forbidden! Whole composition is great. Congratulation! :slight_smile:


Thank you, Maciej I appreciate it - in the tutorial I am talking also about composition techniques I used - if you are interested there are tips useful for many artists - here you can find my other tutorials or even free models -
Hope it helps


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you @bartv :heart:

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I cant find the “I like this very very very very much” button :wink: This is pure gold. Thank you so much for teaching us novices.

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I am glad you find our tutorials helpful - if you are interested we are sending newsletters when we have something interesting - new tutorials or add-ons - you can sign up easily by downloading any of our free models at and mark - Yes, I’d like news, offers, and product updates. We are trying to bring professionals to Blender’s world and help novices like you to become pro.

Thank you Mark :heart:

You’re #featured! :tada:

Wow! Special :+1: for tutorial

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Thank you Dmitry

Being Honest?
I really am interested in the way you showed the “Camera’s Lens” in the shot.
Everything else I understand [But cant do :sweat_smile: ]
But how did you make it look like it was shot through a lens? I mean the light falling on the lens

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Wow, it’s awesome work. :star_struck:

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I’m guessing compositing… :wink:

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Very nice work! Would you share how did you get that bokeh in octane? Or is it post?

Now I’m curious: "why would you suspend a Mason jar in a tree like that?"

I know that jars are used to make various kinds of bug traps – like the ones we use at our house to catch carpenter bees every spring – but what was this for?

Thank you! I did it! Nice tutorial i have seen! I l try octane, it looks so simple)))

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Camera Lens is actually meant to be the view from another jar - it was made by placing the camera into a glass jar and using DOF - At the beginning in the first seconds of the tutorial, there is a short animation I made where the camera is swinging back and forth as it was placed in a jar on strings.


I do not know if it answer your question, but I love glass material in various forms :slight_smile:


So real!!!