Need help with my first render :)

Hi there!
I slowly get myself into the world of Blender and have now made my first model with the GIS Add-On.
Unfortunately, I have no clue why I’m not able to render out an image.

In camera view, my model is not visible at all. I tried changing the “Clip-Start” setting in view, but that didn’t help.
If I go to render with F12 everything is just blank, my model is not even there, which isn’t surprising since it does not show up in camera view either…
I have an HDR as lighting source, but made the image transparent.
When rendering the viewport, my rendering is just black.

Any ideas why my render is black and my model is not showing up in camera view?

Cheers - Beyon

Because you most likely have an object in your scene that is blocking the camera view. In the outliner tab on the top right make sure that all the objects in your collection that are hidden also don’t have the render setting ticked.

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I read about that, that something blocking the view could be an issue, but I don’t have any hidden object.

I just saw, that my model is slightly slightly lighter than the rest of the squares in the background. Also, the red and green line does not continue to the center-point.

Apologies in advance if this is too obvious, bu are you sure your camera is actually pointing at the object? I usually use two windows, one camera view and the other various orthogonal views with the camera visible as an object in the viewport, to move the camera around to where I want it to be. It could be pointing in some other direction.

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Can you disable transparent in the film settings and show what happens?

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hmm. when i disable transparent in film i see the background, but just the sky, not the same of what i see in the viewport - so maybe the suggestion that the camera isn’t even pointing toward my model isn’t to far fetched.
But :)… How do I find my object in the camera view again? Maybe I’m too far zoomed out or something. Here is a screenshot of what I’m looking at, if that helps. :slight_smile:

Looks like something bigger. Did you check if your camera covers the range to your object at all?

Thanks for your input! Yes, my camera should cover my model, since the settings are the same as in the viewport. Strange to me is although, that even tough I unchecked transparent in film, no background is shown in the camera view window…

Are you using eevee or cycles to render? Can you show us your environment node setup? You can see that if you go to the shader tab and select the world option.

I use cycles, just because the tutorial i’m following uses cycles. I actually don’t know the difference yet…
I just imported an HDRI and have not changed anything on the nodes.

I’m gonna think about this. By the way there is a reply button that you can click. Then the person who is responding gets notified when you reply to them. The difference is that cycles is a path tracing engine. That means it is a ray tracing engine with the capability of global illumination. Eevee on the other hand is a real time engine meaning it wil render faster but it will not be as accurate as cycles. Cycles usually delivers amazing renders with a very high visual fidelity.

Do you have depth of Field enabled? If yes: is your object in focus?


Ow wow - thank you!
Would it be of any help if I would share the whole file?

No, i don’t use depth of field.

Yes, sure.

i’m not quite sure if it packed the image map of the topography model…
I have to share it via g-Drive- somehow i cannot upload it here.

You cannot upload because the file is HUGE.

well its 0.23 gb… is that considered huge?

Yes, for this site it is. If I am not wrong, you can’t upload files larger than 9 mega here.

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I can render without any problems.

Can you render the model too?