Need Help with Palm Tree

Hi, playing around with MTree and got this palm tree result but I’m having a few issues I hope to resolve. I understand MTree wasn’t created to create a palm tree so I don’t know if anyone can help me with this. If anyone has an idea for a node setup to fix these issues or to create a palm tree I’d appreciate a link to it or a tutorial if there is one. Thanks.

  1. I want to move the leaves up so the top of the trunk isn’t showing. (see 1) Can I add a node to do this or is there a better way. I am not experienced with nodes so please keep it simple. Thanks.

  2. The leaves are twisted. (see 2) I’ve tried to change this in the “Leaves” Modifier but nothing seems to rotate the leaves on the Y axis.

  3. The leaves are being created in a large vertical area instead of from a bulbous area like on a real tree. Is there a way I can use Geometry nodes to fix this?

Maybe the Modular Tree thread can help because the users of this addon are already meeting there… maybe even someone get interestes after this linking… ( or even a differnt fork as said i the last post )… ??

Thank you. I downloaded it.

As a workaround, you could just separate the trunk, the use a lattice to scale down the leaves in the middle.

Ohh… then i missunderstood something… because the name MTree may be mutliple used… i thought you meant the Modular Tree addon i was citing… :sweat_smile: