Neltulz - Symmetry 1.0.1 - Blender 2.8

Slice, cut, or mirror a mesh object easily

Download Symmetry Add-on

Backup Links:

Download from Gumroad
Download from Github
Download from Dropbox


  • Slice, Cut, and Mirror mesh objects

  • CTRL+Click Mirror to add an empty, then click Apply to apply the modifier and automatically remove the empty

  • Custom Orientation support for mirroring

  • Use Bisect for extremely accurate mirroring on dense poly meshes


  • Select a mesh object. The add-on works in both “Object Mode” and “Edit Mode”

  • Open the 3D Viewport Sidebar, go the “Neltulz” Category

  • Access all of the “Slice”, “Cut”, and “Mirror” options from this sidebar panel


  • If you are a fan of Pie Menu Editor addon, try adding the panel to a custom pie menu as a “draw panel”

Please report any bugs here!

Download Symmetry Add-on

Backup Links:

Download from Gumroad
Download from Github
Download from Dropbox

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The usefull thing. Thanks

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Thank you! Easy and fast cut and mirror

Nice addon, very useful.

Thank you!

Man, you are making the coolest usability addons around! Thank you!

‘Frame’ when nothing selected zooms everything? Why isn’t this the default behavior?!?!?

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Updated to v1.0.1

  • Added Colorized icons for X,Y,Z (red, green, blue) buttons

  • Added ability to slice, cut and mirror based on user chosen Transform Pivot Location and Orientation

  • Added ability to adjust merge threshold when mirroring.

  • Added Bisect feature when mirroring for extremely accurate mirroring. Eliminates anomalies such as holes and overlapping geometry. Great for mirroring dense objects with lots of polies.

  • Added ability to apply/remove mirror & boolean modifiers and clean up orphaned empties and bisect planes

  • Added ability to Fill with N-gon after performing a cut.

  • Holding CTRL while clicking a mirror button, will mirror the object and keep the mirror and/or bisect modifier

  • Holding CTRL while clicking Apply or Remove will apply or remove the modifiers, but preserve the empties and bisect planes.

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when you are gonna add a symetrize option with a custom orientation (normal orientationmost likely)?

It exists in this version (1.0.1) :slight_smile:

Custom Orientation support:



thanks for you work keep doing awesome addons!

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Thank you for the wonderful addons. They actually save time.

Faced with a problem when using the Symmetry. If you apply a mirror on the linked duplicate (alt + D) object this is a message appears:

Thanks for the bug report. I will investigate this when I get a chance. I’m still figuring out the world of linked duplicates, and linked modifiers, etc. Lots to learn! :slight_smile:

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Perhaps it will be useful. This addon works in a similar situation with no errors.

hey will you be updating this?