New Character

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since I posted here. Here’s a shot and an exe of the main character for a new game my brother and I are working on. With all his equipment etc he is about 740 polys. What do you guys think?

Here’s an exe of him running


hello guys, so we’re starting to work on the game featuring this character. We’ve got a bit done, and will post some pics. Here’s one for, now. What do you think?

The city which you’ll need to explore is build into a cliff face on a huge rock jutting out of the sea. The town will have 3 sections, but is circular overall, wrapping around the rock.

Nice looking character. I like the more normal body shape rather than the huge muscle bound characters. Also no guns at his side. I’m not that anti-violence in gaming, it’s just getting a little worn out.

Looks nice, although his arms seems a little too skinny for his body, but everything else looks good. I do agree with Fireside too with the no gun at his side, lol.

740 polys??
Very nice, and well made!

It looks great, nice quality low-poly character. I’m curious how this char looks like ingame. Maybe you should add it in the Beautyfull landschape demo. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,

The game that he will be used in won’t be your typical RPG or zelda style game. Instead, the game is about collecting certain items within a time limit.

You’ll have three “days” to explore a town and find all the peices you need by helping townsfolk, getting a job to pay for things etc. This is a very ambitious project. We plan to have a proper day/night cycle and much npc interaction

All the pieces you look for are geared towards a common goal: the building of a balloon-ship for a race at the end of the three days.

The game is still in its very early stages, but by september we hope we’ll have significan’t process.

Beautiful worlds is still about, I haven’t had much time to work on it and framerate issues and problems with alpha textures still bug me. Also, some of you may remember Westerwind, or the microdemos we posted. Westerwind is also on hold becuase we were using 2.25 and we are having trouble porting it onto newer versions, and couldn’t get a proper .exe for the game

Awesome animation and texture work! I love this concept… feels like “desert gunner” or “Psychonauts”. Is equipament made from separeted meshes? Will character be able to grab equipament??

Maybe you could add a mouth cave later… :wink:

BTW Congrats!

Oh sweet character. Hehe the game sounds pretty nice and doable.

The animations for the character are great and it seems to look good no matter what angle I rotate the camera at. Great work.

Jason Lin

I updated the first post in this thread. For now, the game is being called “Balloon City” we have great plans for it!

i like the style of game and he textures do you have any tutorials you used? or just learned it on your own?

and the arms are too skinny as said before and nobody wears their shorts that high please pull them down and no socks out of the boots

and i noticed that he has a green shirt in the first shot and a blue one in the second will uoui be able to change or you just decided you like blue better?

cause i like blue better

Wow, cool character! He looks quite effeminate, but this is appropriate for a young boy. His stylized hair works well, I think.
I like the animation, too, though the way his shirt warps as his hips move is a bit distracting.

For now his shirt will stay blue, I did increase his arm thickness a bit, but I can do more. As for his boots, he’s not wearing socks, that his part of the boot.
Anyways here are 3 more pics

the grass, is it texture or is it particle?
if particle, does it use much CPU, and how did you make it (because i’m going more into GameEngine now too)?

Looking good. I like the style you have going, and the scene is comming along nicely. I look forward to playing a demo.

Thanks guys the grass is actually 4 planes overlaye on each other with an alpha texture on each. the same technique is used in some real games, like shadow of the colossus. There was once a blend some one upload with a golf ball in grass, it’s where i got the idea.

That is amazing. You’ve got some good stuff with great potential. Please… let me know when it is done, the storyline and way the game is to be played sounds awesome.


it looks pretty like a commercial game, if you think GameBoy Advance/GameCube


i don’t know what to say !

one of the coolest things i saw at the game engine section :slight_smile:

hey 3D, don’t forget some other good projects(BHP Racing Game for example, nope I’m not working with Congnetive, sorry for wrong spelling the studio name)

Looks brilliant! I actually liked this skinnier arms, made him look gangly and awkward. That’s not a bad thing, makes him feel human. I did notice that his ankles are a bit large though. I love the house and the way it’s lit, but I’d “Set Smooth” on all your objects. Awesome start, I hope this gets finished. Also, what kind of game is it? Platformer?