New Free Nondestructive Image / .Blend Host / Blend4 web host (Offline for now)

Today im showing off a site we have been working on that aims to provide a free and nondestructive (lossless) file host for the opensource community.

This is our first time showing it off so there may be bugs, if you find any please send us an email at [email protected]

There is a 10MB with no account and a 35MB limit with accounts for all file types.

Come check us out :smiley:

or checkout this b4w demo i made


Webm support : HTML5 video - Added Oct 31

Blend4Web support : 3D real time models - Added Oct 31

35MB Max upload size : Up from 8MB - Added Nov 1

Accounts - Added Nov 28

View count - Added Nov 28

Blend4Web json only - Changed Nov 28

MP3 - Added Dec 8

WOW cool! We need this! Thanks :slight_smile:

You might want to offer a paid tier with much higher size limits and other perks like mass uploads (read, tons of files at once), it will help you pay for the bandwidth.

I agree that this is a needed service, I used to use Imageshack but they have since become a pay-only service if you want to use for so much as hotlinking images.

We may oneday add some paid features but we despise people who offer free services and the good stuff is paid. You can subscribe monthly to us if you want, Its under the “Support Us” tab or you can just donate 1 time.

:smiley: Thanks to you too!

I agree in that people shouldn’t be made to feel limited in what they can do if they don’t pay, but I’m thinking that the majority of people will simply want a place where they can hotlink files and images onto forums and other sites with no loss of quality, no ad spam, and no worries about bandwidth.

It would be a lot like Imageshack when they were starting out (you could upload all the images you want without registering and hotlink to them on other websites, only your site also covers .blend files).

Depending on how the donations go, you may have to find other ways to pay for the bandwidth once it grows to a certain point (since the expenses will rise), which is where the paid tier can be a possibility.

We will more than likely have profiles by the time we move to beta. We may also look in to 3D real time model hosting :smiley:

There is that also does the same thing with 7 mb limit for picture and 30 mb for .blend file.

Would that be using p3d or Sketchfab?

They are the main reason we started our own but we do plan on adding more features in the future.

We haven’t decided on which one to use but we were looking at blend4web earlier today, We haven’t looked in to the commercial usage of it yet though.

I only know a little about blend4web, but that would be very cool.

This is great!

I’m just curious… what’s wrong with pasteall? What made you decide to create this when pasteall (to me at least) is sufficient?

Isn’t Pasteall just for temporary hosting of images (as in, they get deleted after a while)?

I would think Sendem would be designed for more permanent image hosting depending on how much server space is available.

From the first post

As of now we do not plan on deleting images any time soon but if this gets popular we may start deleting images after they have been on the server for a few months.

PasteAll retention info says

How long my pastes are being kept online
When you paste, just assume that it will be here forever, but consider that it may be gone in a second! We might delete really old posts in the future or something out of our reach could happen resulting in loss of data
For blend files it is 2 months
If you want more permanent image/file linking just use something established like dropbox, google drive, onedrive sharing. Seen similar blend file host sites come and go, when they go they destroy all the file links. While the intentions may be solid, there is no assurance this site it will still exist in 12 months time. Don’t care about short term disposable links but long term, not worth the risk, and for short term links, what are the benefits over current options that I already know serve this purpose

Yes after accounts are added they will more than likely get an extended time but if you dont have an account they will be deleted after 5 months.

Some updates on what we are doing right now. Its still in the works so go easy on it :D.

  1. Added webm support

  1. Added 3D Blend4Web support


We just moved the beta to the main site so some links may be broken but we needed to do it for future proofing

Btw the server told us only 4 links have been broken so sorry to those 4 people :frowning: wont happen again promise

Good news is Webm and 3D support are now public :smiley:

All file sizes have been increased to a max of 35MB! Enjoy :smiley:

If all the other posts are too much here is a tldr
New features

Webm support : HTML5 video
Blend4Web support : 3D real time models
35MB Max upload size : Up from 8MB

thanks very much for sharing this, +1000 good Karma points:)

Hi LordOdin,

Thanks for all your work, this service is awesome! :yes:

You may want to add full screen support by adding allowfullscreen option to the iframe. E.g.

<iframe width=750 height=400 allowfullscreen src=""></iframe>

Then the fullscreen button will be visible in the web player UI.

Are you planning to support the JSON format? That probably could be done by uploading a ZIP package containing all the exported files + textures. The JSON files could be played back by a web player as seen above.

Keep going, hope your service will become more popular than Sketchfab or;).

:smiley: We have been looking in to some more advanced stuff with blend4web but we still have a few kinks that need to be ironed out before we add more features (fixing bugs and making sure everyones file works without acting weird).

But json and fullscreen is on our list of things to do :smiley: Thanks ya