New icons for Blender 2.8


(gestoryscht) #2679

One question about this small icon set.
Good to see people who give it a try, instead of ranting all day by doing nothing.

Personally I have mixed feelings about the fully white icons, but the choice to go monochromatic is a very good one. I would really like to see something like maya have, but for now and the future I am totally fine with the current set.

Thanks @jendrzych

But what is for example the purpose to give the globe a green color? Because our continents are… ‘green’? There is no improvement for the readability and I think there will be no green category for all the world related icons.

(Sago) #2680

Since there are blue colored icons in the 3d header to indicate their active state, would it be more consistent if the Proportional Editing icons were blue too? Currently they are very similar to the Disable icon for this tool


Maybe a little bit more seperation between tabs could help.

Peronally i love the new properties.


Hey dude i give you 20 bucks if you make something like this paypal

My colored ui is done

(Evandro Costa) #2683

I forgot to ask, have you tried the Material and Texture icons with blacks in the middle instead of grays? Or did you go straight for the gray?

(Antaioz) #2684

I made another thread for those icons

But no I went straight for the grey, it seemed less disruptive. I think the material one could probably do with being a bit darker, but there’s no grey on the texture one?

2.8 Outlined/Coloured Icon Adaptation


Better fill buckt.


or should i post it in the grease pencil thread.

(jpthrash) #2686

Hey dude, nice joke.

(Ace Dragon) #2687

Looks like Antaioz has some competition as far as colored icons go :slight_smile:

Your designs might have an appeal to those who want a more classic look to 2.8 as opposed to the mono icons or the colorized icons also now being worked on. I wonder how many sets the devs. are willing to ship by default in 2.8 (to present to the user via a menu)?

(RickyBlender) #2688

is there a way to add some color to these icons now ?
find it too greyish
a little color would help find things

happy bl

(iceythe) #2689

For the moment you can color icons by changing the text colors.


another bad quality mockup


i would go for shaded buttons for 3 d painting.

Or simillar icons like scupt icons for 3d painting (vertex,weight,texturepaint)


thanks but I don`t have the time nor funds to do this, I need to brush up my portfolio first. :wink:

(haikalle) #2693

New icons for me is step into wrong direction. In 2.79 I didn’t need to learn how the icon looked like to use them. I was able to use them because I learned overall shape and the color. In 2.8 I really need to learn exactly how the icon look like to find them in UI. For me 2.8 icons looks too flat. But if this is the will of develop team I guess I need to learn this new UI.

(kynu) #2694

Hey guys,
This would be my solution for the Properties icons (and others). What do you think?

I proposed this on devtalk with more details here:


you already can do something similar in theme settings

user preferences-user interface-tab-text.

(kynu) #2696

Nope, that’s not what I talk about. I believe a white (or on light theme a black) base color is a must. And an ADDED extra color helps with identifying icons better.

The big difference in my approach compared to jendrzych’s set is that his basic principle was 1 pixel wide lines everywhere possible and only scarcely used fills. It was very effective for creating a coherent set but it’s not enough for good UX. I’m a big believer in restrictions in design so what I’m proposing is a a branch of his idea, an added paradigm to his original:

  • where he used a dimmed line - I’d use a colored line.
  • here he used an outline which imposed a secondary shape to a bigger one I’d also use fill but with the secondary color (extra benefit, less noise from the small contoured shape)

(Kayess) #2697

yes, I´d like to see a little bit of colors added to the icons… to me, it would make them more readable and memorizable

(KS) #2698

We really need coloured icons in the properties window. It takes time to figure out what is the icon for, in monochrome.