New icons for Blender 2.8


(jendrzych) #3154

I referred to this:

(Dominik R ) #3155

Shouldn’t we stay away from all up-/download analogies when we actually just operate on the local filesystem? I’m referring to save/export/import as a whole here.
Because with asset management, possibly cloud based, there might be a need for icons that refer to actual downloading.

(Dorro) #3156

Curious… Why are there icons in the text menus? I find the icons here distracting and I think removing the icons would make the list more compact and easier to scan.

A bit of long winded off topic banter

A contextual pop up on mouse over with configurable delay, or left/middle/right (whatever floats your boat) click for each entry, showing the icon (perhaps to click and change icon to another you prefer) linked to the entry with a short description, keyboard shortcut and config and ability to add icon to a header or quick bar and conversely a similar mouse over pop up/click for icons residing in the UI outside of the menus/lists would have more utility and improve discoverability (sic) without adding permanent clutter if consistent and ubiquitous throughout the UI. I can see the utility of icons in a text list, say the depsgraph or collections that add information at a glance or quick action on click like the visibility toggle represented by an open or closed eye. There are many ways to reduce clutter and increasing discoverability without reducing utility, for example clicking on an icon in the GUI to load a file instead of typing a bunch of text in the CLI. Hold down keyboard shortcut, wait for pop up showing icon, short description, change shortcut, show conflict, add icon somewhere etc…

(rombout) #3157

I dont thank that’s completely true, as that my view on this. I do think the current method of showing less icons and only show those which are the primary actions of a menu should have an icons. An icon makes it much easier to indentify a certain action. You can sport without reading something.