New icons for Blender 2.8



waiting for jendrzych’s answer, there are rumors about a special version of blender 101 (blender ⠁⠚⠁) for blind people, though it seems that at the moment devs have problems with wireframe visualization.

(burnin) #1351

Color blindness presents no problem. Everybody is partially color blind, especially when tired or in dark environment.

It’s just a tiny part of light spectrum (hue) that’s harder to distinguish otherwise all is fine. It’s not like with some animals that haven’t evolved receptors for the low frequency (dogs, bulls… can’t see red), while some can see even higher frequencies than human (some birds also see ultra-violet).

I also have a few friends and would never claim that they are in any way impaired because of it. One is also a painter. No one ever noticed, not even his family members. Also, as he told me, he only found out as a teenager, during color blindness tests at school.

Also we all distinguish intensity, value differently, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.
This is when & where user customization becomes priceless. :wink:

(Torquem) #1352

Absolutely wrong. Color contains more information than the shape.

3 objects of the same shape but different colors are way easier and faster to differentiate and pick than 3 objects of the same color but different shapes. Icons are not supposed to be consciously read, icons are supposed to learned first and then be quick to pick from across the screen without even thinking.

(cekuhnen) #1353

I understand - my criticism was also not directed at you more at the current system in place.
As always your work is highly appreciated!

(BTolputt) #1354

Don’t get me wrong, Harley. I think they are pretty damned good icons given the limitation of being monochrome. The man is damned talented and the icons show that.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that monochrome icons are not as good as ones that smartly include some hue. That has nothing to do with Andrzej or even his icons (cos I think layering them as you suggested earlier would solve this problem). The problem is in his chosen limitations.

As I said, I’m not picking on the man or putting down his efforts. I’m more concerned with the motivations of the Blender Foundation devs choosing to the icons as the official iconography. It seems they are choosing them because they are new and different, not because they are better at the job icons need to do.

(BTolputt) #1355

Honestly, the longer this goes on, the more I am convinced that there needs to be an easier way to replace the icons without having to recompile the app.

That way, if the Blender Foundation devs really want everything to be monochrome, they can let theme creators “fix” things for themselves. However, as of now, only those that can build the application have that opportunity and that rules out a lot (the vast majority?) of those with the artistic skills to improve the icons because the lack the unrelated technical skills to build Blender.

(0o00o0oo) #1356

I’ve been stating a similar thing for keymaps/pie menus in Blender, in that having well thought out official keymaps with pie menus is great, but more important is the ability for user to be able to customize to what he wants (meaning no hard-coded keys, easy way to modify pie menus, keymaps).

In a similar way, having an official, well-designed Icons set is great, but it’s also really needed to provide the ability to be easily customize/change either all icons, or different clusters of icons much like being able to customize the library of themes.

In fact, while icon color customization per theme is a given, I think it could also be really useful for themes to have their own sets of icons if desired.
And additional easy customizations like check box to make icons monochrome, slider to change icon size, maybe level of transparency, etc. would be a nice touch.

I guess, looking at how now HDRis and matcaps can also be customized, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this is already a topic being discussed by the developers. At least I hope this is the case.

(Pitiwazou) #1357

Those bi colors icons are really nice, it the color follows the theme, thatt can be great.

(GottfriedHofmann) #1358

icons of this type, which you have depicted in Your mock-up, functionally do not gain anything after adding colour

In the viewport in edit mode, selections are indicated by an orange color. Using that scheme in the icons as well helpes making the connection between what you see in the viewport and what you see in the icons (plus adding readability for users like me).
Color is a means of transporting information.

(carlosan) #1359

I’m sorry, but icons have many small details that are not needed for quick viewing.
To visually understand it fast we need well defined contour shapes.
Fill it with color in the background.
And the last detail, the shadows.


(Castel) #1360

Guys, is it me, or are the “hide” and “disable” icons the other way around? As in “disable” is now an eye icon and “hide” is the hashtag thingy?

(Castel) #1361

In the Outliner that is

(GottfriedHofmann) #1362

Guys, is it me, or are the “hide” and “disable” icons the other way around? As in “disable” is now an eye icon and “hide” is the hashtag thingy?

Eye is local visibility in the viewport, hashtag global (including linking)

(English is not my native language) #1363

I think those icons are good for phone apps that do not require as many icons. They also did not distinguish themselves well in small size. For Blender with hundreds of icons you need details to get variety.

(Castel) #1364

Well, they are not in today’s build. That’s what I am saying. They’re flipped. ‘H’ key toggles the hashtag, not the eye.

(burnin) #1365

I wonder what is holding developers back from not making icon sheet swappable without rebuilding the whole thing?

(William) #1366

This used to be possible at one point via replacing a png file in the application bundle. But for a while, icons are stored and loaded as custom .dat files that are compiled as part of the executable. I believe this has advantages for performance and other things. This makes it non-trivial to add a way to swap out the icons.

(English is not my native language) #1367

Well, I have been using Blender 2.8 with new icons and I must say that jendrzych and collaborators work is excellent. Of course good choice colors codes and other suggested changes for better customization are welcome.
Luckily jendrzych is not only an artist, he has a “designer” mind as well. Something that I personally appreciate because an artistic appearance is not enough, icons must be functional and express as best as possible what they are for.

I like Blender 2.8 theme and icons in general. I would like better separation/distinction in some fields/sliders with the rest of the GUI (TopBar fields/sliders for example), some better edge/outline or some inner shadow could help. And for icons a better distinction between selected and unselected icons, especially in Outliner.

(English is not my native language) #1368

Hi William.
Performance is a similar argument that was used for previous versions of Blender when users requested custom MatCaps possibility. Developers have found some solution for custom matcaps performance that can be applied to custom icons? Or was it simply left out of preformance aspect to give preference to request of users about being able to use custom matcaps?

(Castel) #1369

William, is the stuff I wrote about an intentional change?