New scatter objects add-on from Jacques Lucke

Jacques Lucke did some work on a new add-on (don’t know of it is committed yet) for scattering object really easily, and I just found a video, it looks incredible :smiley:


I like how things are all controlled in the tool settings tab in the properties editor, that’s how things should be, instead of the “redo” panel that pops up in the viewport.

Good job.

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I hope this ends up being part of modifier nodes once the Everything Nodes project is underway.

If that happens and if that is combined with a ‘no overlap’ algorithm, it could become a powerful tool for scene assembly.


And with collections instances, would be perfect haha

I was wondering if I should just miss altogether this ability to put things in places developed since the Sintel project. So glad it´s back and fully functional (never worked on 2.79b).

Looks neat! I would love to see a non-animation oriented “settle objects” tool.

Sort of like the end result of a rigid body sim, but no intermediate frames or physics based collision calculation, just a rough calculation of how selected objects would (or could) settle with mesh collision had they fallen (gravity by default, or whatever direction vector) from their current location. Optimizations could include processing a single object at a time in some logical order, and restriction of translation and/or rotation amount after “contact”.

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Looks great. Long time dream in this kind of stuff is to have objects not overlap each other. That’ll be BIG!

I just hope that author who write this script know multiscatter for 3ds max - from side coded addons it is the best version of instancing\ scattering objects and also with conjunction of vrayProxy (which functionality we do not have in blender) in 3ds max you can litteraly render insane scenes and because of vrayProxy scenes with acres of forest can be rendered on 16gb of ram easy. here i leave some video but i hope author go here and look function of multiscatter from MultiScatter Tutorial #xx - blender really need this functionality, and of course it must be as a modifier

P.S. About VrayProxy if some one wondering and not have experience with Vray-
for those who don’t know it unload object from scene and leave in scene literally proxy of object - you can say that blender have this functionality with linking objects - but - NO VrayProxy in render time load object for render if buckets touch it and when it renderer VRAY again unload it - and because of that if you use “brute force” (it like cyclesPT just with “adaptive termination” of sampling) - method of render for first and secondary bounce in VRAY with VrayProxy you scenes literally can be infinite and take on HDD kilobytes of space…

This looks really interesting and much better than what is available now.\

However, nothing come close to physX painter:


It’s awesome ! having non-overlapping scattering could be great, but I guess it’s kind of a different beast to tackle, maybe this could be implemented latter or in a different addon.
This is already looking quite useful as it is. For now it looks like it’s using dupli-face to instance objects, but that may not work with collection instances. Having support for them would be great !

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I think the distance check would be pretty trivial (I’m 100% just guessing) to implement with

Pretty much what we need. Very nice and popcorn free.

… “Oh noes! A custom floating control window? Blasphemy!”

The most sad limitation blender has.

There is this add-on, it is very similar.

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Not to sidetrack, but I have hope this will eventually happen. They’ve already started implementing some floating panels (outside of the current “F6” floating panel) because they realize the usefulness.

Nice… Also an option to scale, transform, and rotate seperately in x,y z . Also scatter using a grayscale map :- )
Kinda like corona scatter.

scattering objects is there in 2.8. Didn’t see it mentioned elsewhere on the forum I believe.
Search it with spacebar. Works great. As far as I remember:

  • Select a floor
  • Select an object you want to scatter
  • Press spacebar to look for scatter
  • Paint a line on the floor
  • look for parameters on the right top in blender (F6 maybe?).
  • Then press Enter to confirm.
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Search: Scatter. Not there on 2.8
Where else could it be?

Enable the addon first.

cool I see the addon. I select first the floor, then the object (a simple cube).
How do I “paint a line” in the floor?
I used the make annotation tool.
Doesn´t do anything.
Properties for scatter appear on the side tool panel properties.