New Star Trek Movie & William Shatner is Not Going to have a Cameo Role

What are your thoughts on this ? Either way I definately will be watching the Movie.


Sorry - No Link - I Just Heard that on the Local Radio

OH…I see.

My thoughts on this: There Is a God.

As long as the premise of the movie is better than the series Enterprise… Man they screwed up Star Trek with that series.

The screwing up began when Berman took over. 'nuff said.

google “new star trek movie” for the info.

Leonard Nimoy is alive!!!

I thought he was dead and sent out in space. :eek:

You’re thinking of James Doohan (Scotty).

Because Nimoy did this, he shall never die. Really, doing something like that will most likely grant you the passage to immortality.

I heard Nimoy on NPR recently. He was hosting a program for the Metropolitan Opera. Really!

Well the movie is out now . . . Nimoy will do an appearance. I will wait until it gets on DVD to watch it. Anyone seen it ?

No, but I am leaving to see it soon and I shall post a review in my opinion. And I will compare it to the other ten.

Great stuff - hopefully I did not put in a spoiler in that Shatner will not be there, but Nimoy will be there. Look forward to your review. Thanks in advance!

I’m going to see it tonight, I never go into a theatre.
I think the last movie I watched in a theatre was Dawn of the Dead.
I like dvd’s, and also theatre seats give me the creeps.
From the clips I’ve seen, the guy playing Kirk is more like Brian Browden from Farscape than Kirk.
I guess he only watched half of the original star trek episodes, before he stopped
and wanted to do a different take on Kirks character.

I have only seen the trailers, and I have high hopes for it working. These days the old take on kirk would be too mild to grab people, we want bigger than life characters in our stories. Mankind isn’t children anymore we are just moving into adolescence. Emotional intensity is what we want.

Apparently true fans are highly disappointed with the movie. And I don’t blame them, either after watching this

I’ve seen a lot of fans saying they liked it, too. We’ll just have to wait and see. I can’t see it earlier than Saturday anyway, so that’ll give a lot of diehards a chance to see it and weigh in before I try it.

Phew thanks PlantPerson - for a while I thought you was going to chew me over for resurecting my old thread . . .

Anyways you and I are in the same boat - I want to watch it, but if it’s not really highly rated, then I can delay my viewing of it.