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AWC No. 107
So Dying Light 2 came out and I have been enjoying the game a lot, so I had to make something inspired from the rooftops of Villedor. I did this artwork for both my weekly artworks and for a job application, hence why you see “Future Perfect” (not the easiest logo to read, but that’s their logo, not mine :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:). I had so much fun with this one; going from the game and back to blender was very fun. Anyways I hope you all love this one as much as I loved making it. And as always, Have an awesome day/night

Here is some behind the scenes:
A comparison from render and photoshop work (Top Left: Photoshop edited. Bottom Right: Original Render)

And here is an edited environment pass (This is where it gets cool):

So this is an edited environment pass, it’s basically a greyscale and overexposed version of the one that comes out of blender
So I used this pass to bring in the clouds because as much as the Physical Starlight and Atmosphere addon I use to make the sky is amazing, the clouds just didn’t work for me so in Photoshop I grabbed some cloud textures and put them in place. They are black and white images, so I used the “Lighten” blend mode to remove the black and allow the whites to add over the blue sky. I then group them up and bring my Environment Pass into the document (Edited to greyscale and have overexposed whites). I then go to Select > Color Range with the layer visible and selected, and I choose highlights in the settings and hit Ok. I then hit the mask button in the layers panel with the group selected. Having them in a group and that group being the one with the mask helps as now I can move and edit the clouds independently and in a non-destructive matter, allowing me to make edits in any way I wish.
Here is a video to show the method:

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Insane! I fell in love with the game as well!

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It’s an awesome game, haven’t enjoyed a game this much in a very long time :blush:


Good work! Haven’t played that game, but I can’t really get games, so no surprise.- :smiley:

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That looks awesome. Kind of makes me want to play the game, but I’m not sure I’d enjoy trying to parkour through a zombie-infected wasteland in first person (I fell off so many buildings in Mirror’s Edge)

I do think Future Perfect should STRONGLY consider redesigning their logo to be more readable (though I also don’t suggest you tell your new potential employer that). A logo that looks cool but unreadable is fine in a in a fictional world, but not a great idea in the real one. Looks like it says TVTVRE DERTECT.

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I do recommend you play it, even though you fell of buildings in mirrors edge, it’s not as puzzle like as that game anyways.

Also YES!!! I actually put a little section saying “as much as the logo style is cool, it’s unreadable, I asked 7 people to tell me what they thought that logo says and non of them said “future perfect” I even had designer friend go on an hour rant on why the logo is “below poor at best”. Not only that a well executed logo should be readable or recognisable from not only close but from miles away, your logo has none of the major requirements in a professional logo”. In a process of design document for them
Honestly, I don’t mind of I’m not hired, would be money but then again their logo makes me question their ability to design something simple in the first place :joy:

You are completely correct, but, uh, I think you might have blown your application with that. Oh well, at least some cool art came out of it, and maybe they’ll reconsider. I’ll bet your designer friend’s rant was entertaining. It is cool looking, but it really is an exceptionally bad logo.

Getting paid as an artist would be nice, but yeah, I wouldn’t have high hopes for this studio: aside from their issues with basic logo design, I can’t find them at all with a web search. There are multiple studios that use Future Perfect as their name, and some studio that’ll design NFTs for people but still hasn’t finished removing the Lorem Ipsums off their wordpress template ranks higher.

I’ll probably take a look at Dying Light 2 then once I finish Horizon Forbidden West and AC: Odyssey. The trailers have all looked cool (I’ve been debating whether or not to get the game for a while), and I really love post-apocalyptic settings.

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Yeah, eh I am not too bothered, like you said, many companies use the name “future perfect” and their logo design says a lot… I get paid as an artist anyways, though it is hard out there when you are doing it just by yourself, I’m kind of shooting my portfolio everywhere at this point :sweat_smile:

also absolutely check the game out! it’s fun and I am enjoying myself :slight_smile:
and I can’t wait for Horizon Forbidden West, I need to set up my PlayStation again for that though, I love the world-building in the first one and the gameplay, an absolutely amazing game!

This is delightful, love the clean crisp look!

Love the vines ; )

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Also yeah, the vines are awesome.
For those reading check out @Felicia_White’s stuff. Some awesome tools :blush:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Pristine, great work! :fire:

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush: