Nomad Sculpt (Mobile App: iOS/Android)

I love my iPad as an alternative to a Wacom being connected via Sidecar using blender. However since I travel a lot I feel like sculpting on the go.
I was using forger a few times and it wasn’t very satisfying. Today I looked up the App Store and found Nomad, which is a very professional Sculpting app for both Android and iOS:

This was a love at first sight pay for me, and it might be a bit expensive for an app it’s super worth it. Tried it for like an hour and it’s powerful and userfriendly.

Since it got released in august or july I wonder if people here know about it?

Looks cool!

I might buy it.
I have the Forger app, so I’m just a bit hasitant as to buy another sculpting app.
How does it compare, if you or anyone else here has tried both?

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Yeah, I have Forger installed too, but I actually never used it a lot, since it’s hard to handle – clicking through many confusing menus for change simple things, for example a brush texture.

I’m pretty sure the engine is based on the developer’s web version:
However, for me the performance feels way better than Forger’s one.
Also has stuff like environment maps and matcaps (you can even import your own), and a x-ray like mode, which is handy when you’re editing intersecting objects. The interface is to some point customizable, too. You can change the color, toggle the brush menu to be a list or a grid, or hied the UI to a minimum.

One small difference to Forger I really like is that you can toggle the smooth/invert option instead of holding it down. In Forger it can be anoying when you don’t hold your finger preceisly down.

I miss some brushes I’m used to in Blender, but tbh you get enough to make good sculpts. It feels quite Blender-like.
Also I haven’t found a way yet to join meshes or boolean them together.

There’s already a lot of content on youtube about it.
This guy made a direct comparison of Forger vs. Nomad btw:

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Hi to all! I think the Nomad Sculpt is best app on Ipad! The interface is friendly and the toolset allows you to do Cool things.

Here some my showcase: