not your average light bulb

got this concept while walking my dog.
but ive got a problem: what should i call it?

my concept is that all this electricity coming out of the gound and almost growing towards the light bulb like a trees roots


Cool! Is there any Post Processing? The flare light on the filament looks a bit like the flares in Gimp. Lightning looks cool, what are they? Just a mesh with lights in it or something else?

it´s all pure blender,
i dont really know what you are referring to, is it the electricity?

the Blenderizer,
Cool, looks like a short circuit. :slight_smile:

And, yes, we’d like to know how you did the electricity.

/ Mats

it is halo´s (add to it´s fullest) and i added lights below

It looks like the glass has no volume.
Good idea

omg it looks great! But a few crits… like snell said the glass seems… 2D I guess you could say. And as for the electricty going from the ground to the bulb… it’s a great idea but I think the bulb needs to be higher to exaggerate it more, and something else needs to be added to it, but I just can’t put my finger on it :frowning: oh well. good work though!

i´m trying to make the glass look thicker but it just makes it look stupid, so that´s on my to -do list

new render on it´s way

plz tell me if the secondary lightbulb is too cliché


no comments ?

Lightning Light ™

uhm… i don´t think i understand

instant idea!
First, keep the second light bulb. I got an idea for it…
How about you make kinda a forest of these light bulbs, all of them lit up with electricity coming from the ground like you’re already doing, but have some of them lieing on their side, glass broken and the electricty over running them… you know having it jumping all over them.

i´ll try that

thanks for listening!

Yes, sounds great!

Is waiting for an update
/ Mats

ok. here it goes


The first thing that popped out was the ‘reflection’ or lying down globe which looked totally out sink with the rest of scene.

I like the idea and it looks pretty good, but there are a few things to make it look better.
The blue glow in all the bulbs looks out of place and the glass looks like it has no depth. How did you model the glass?
I think the ground should be scrap metal pieces, but that’s just an idea. You could model 10 different shapes then duplicate alot of them, raise them of a plane and use the game engine to have them all drop onto the floor, then use the ipo of that…

I love the update, this is really developing in an interesting direction.

I also agree, there is something with that glass material. Maybe you should have look at you RayTransp settings? Did you know about the Clear Glass Tutorial?

I’d love to see a textured floor of some kind, but keep it dark, imo.

/ Mats